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Friday, May 22, 2015

Elizabeth Warren's Valiant Efforts...

I have to applaud Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren went to the Senate floor to push for an immediate consideration of a bill that would make Barack Hussein Obama's trade bill text public for all to see and read. "We’re just asking for some transparency before we have this crucial vote," said Warren.  Warren said people have heard a lot about the trade bill, but haven’t actually seen it. The press hasn’t seen it, neither have economists or legal experts because the corrupt Obama Administration is making it virtually impossible for any of those people to read it.  The entire text is shrouded in secrecy.  Congress members can only read the text in a secured room and they cannot take notes or photograph the text.  The text of the trade bill is guarded by armed personnel and those that read it are sworn to not disclose the contents to anyone outside of Congress under the pains and penalties of the law. The general public and the press are not allowed to read the text of the bill.  

"This bill would require the president to publicly release the scrubbed bracketed text of a trade deal at least 60 days before Congress votes on any fast-track for that deal. That would give the public, the experts, the press an opportunity to review the deal. It would allow for some honest pubic debate," Warren said.  I agree with Senator Warren and I applaud her for standing up on principle against her own party.

But it is the RINO Republicans that are standing in Senator Warren's way!  These despicable and loathsome RINO Republicans like Senator Orin Hatch who admitted he hasn't even read the bill nor does he know what is in the text of the trade bill!  Hatch objected to Warren's transparency bill causing it to fail!  Orin Hatch is a contemptible, detestable, and rotten Senator just like Mitch McConnell and all the rest of the reprehensible establishment RINO Republicans in the Senate.  It is the RINO Republicans that are throwing in with the Obama Administration and towing Obama's party line.  These RINO Republicans are the lap dog of Obama and his Marxist ideology taking the place of the heinous Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Now Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are close allies with Barack Hussein Obama, a truly 'unholy' alliance that breaks the back of anyone concerned with freedom, liberty, and private property rights in the United States of America.  We have no other place to turn as freedom loving Americans since the only party in America is the Statist Party!

Again, I applaud Senator Elizabeth Warren for her valiant effort to do the right thing for transparency sake and for Americans.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reckless & Irresponsible Spending Spree

The Herald News published Decisions on covering Somerset budget deficit is months away. In this article, finance director Joseph Bolton simply pushes off the decision to deal with the 6.25 million dollar structural deficit until the Fall of 2015 and he never mentions anything about Somerset's unfunded pension liabilities of 10-14 million dollars. 

The article states "To meet virtually all financial article expenses [which were $1,065,128.14] at town meeting outside the operating budget, Bolton said the town is using its overlay surpluses."  I guess that is somewhat good news, but it is still our tax dollars spent that could have been moved to the stabilization account for future emergency need. Bolton said there is still $1.5 million in that overlay surplus account after the spent money is deducted.  We are still left with the $6.25 million structural deficit which Bolton and the Town will not deal with until the Fall of 2015.  No news on potential tax increases until then. No news on the unfunded pension liabilities (the elephant in the room).  No news on potential new revenue sources for Somerset.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens over the summer months with 'free cash' certification and the magical RGGI fund that Somerset is trying to raid again.  Please remember, there is no such thing as 'free cash' and the RGGI trust fund is also not free money.  'Free cash' (overlay surplus money) is money collected from taxpayers and is an interest free loan taxpayers gave to the Town of Somerset.  It was money that was "over collected" in surplus and then held in an account for some other day and purpose.  The RGGI trust fund is money confiscated from power plants via cap & trade laws supported by Patricia Haddad and the liberals on Beacon Hill.  Since 2008, the RGGI trust fund has stolen $330,779,845 for Massachusetts from fossil-fueled power plants; partly causing the financial demise of powers plants like Brayton Point and Montaup.  The RGGI is a legalized theft and money laundering operation from privately owned power plants and was enacted by our ultra-left environmental statist politicians, Patricia Haddad (D-Somerset), Michael Rodrigues (D-Westport), and Joan Menard (D-Somerset).  Remember the old adage, there is no such thing as a free lunch.  'Free cash' isn't free and RGGI money isn't free, both come with substantial costs to the Somerset taxpayer.

This article was also published in the Herald News about the Town Meeting spending spree:  Somerset Town Meeting voters pass raises for 46 nonunion employees.  This article just solidifies the reckless and irresponsible spending Somerset voters engaged in Monday evening.  $1,065,128.14 in non-operational spending and incurring a $6,250,000 structural deficit in just one five hour Town Meeting! All signed, sealed, and delivered by less than 4% of the registered voters in Somerset!  Less than 4% of the registered voters spent nearly 55 million dollars, recklessly spending money Somerset does not have ($53,172,003 for the FY 2016 budgets plus $1,065,128 in various article spending is a whopping $54,237,131 spent). Need I remind Somerset again that projected tax revenue is only $46,922,003?

Town meeting voters spent like drunken sailors with reckless abandon.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Giant Leap to Insolvency & Bankruptcy

In all likelihood, last night's Somerset Annual Town Meeting was my last.  I admit defeat. I'm throwing in the proverbial towel.   I've raised the white flag of defeat and surrender.  I sadly realize today I am on a lonely island and not many voters agree with me or my ideology.  The liberal statists have won victory in Somerset, MA as they always do.  The liberal big government types have won over Somerset voters and the see-saw is pitched left more than ever before.  The Ignored Plague has completely consumed Somerset, MA...

It is indisputable that nearly everyone in the posh performance center auditorium wanted to spend and appropriate massive amounts of money that Somerset does not have.  That is the right and power of the Town Meeting voter whether you like it or not.  Collectively, last night's Town Meeting voters spent voraciously without even a second thought (maybe without a thought at all).  Article after article passed as millions upon millions of dollars were spent with little debate.  Most votes were nearly unanimous with only a smattering of nays.  Raises were doled out, budgets were approved one after the other, deficit spending ran amok, and tens of millions were spent with reckless abandon with absolutely no consideration for the future of Somerset.  I lost track and left the meeting after Article #35 passed.  So much for 'reining in spending', eh?  No one, and I mean no one, wants to cut anything in Somerset.  Structural deficit of $6.25 million?  Doesn't matter one iota to the Somerset voter!  No one at that Town Meeting wanted to 'rein in spending', that was clear from the very beginning of the meeting.  The structural deficit could have been $10 million and it would not have mattered one bit to the Somerset voter!  Spending money we don't have is the new bromide of the Somerset voter...  

Where does that leave Somerset?  As I wrote yesterday, bankrupt and insolvent.  We now have a $6.25 million deficit to make-up.  We still have well-over ten million in unfunded liabilities (no one talks about that anymore).  I don't know how much 'surplus cash' or 'free cash' we have remaining.  I don't know how much of the stabilization account was used up.  I don't know how much taxes will now increase for homeowners and businesses.  I don't know if there is a 'Plan B' for new tax revenue now that the resort casino is dead.  Last night, Town Meeting voters took one giant leap toward bankruptcy and insolvency...  

Last night's spending spree has left me sour, confused, and utterly dismayed.  I won't attend another Town Meeting because there is really no point.  It is absurd for me to sit in a vacuous sea of liberals whose only desire is to spend Somerset into oblivion.


Monday, May 18, 2015

What Town Meeting Voters Need To Do Tonight

Somerset is effectively bankrupt and insolvent.  Our expenditures are much more than our revenues by $6,250,000, according to Town Officials.  We are in a deficit situation since expenses are much more than tax revenue.  Regardless of the amount in the stabilization account and so-called 'free cash', Somerset is effectively fiscally insolvent and bankrupt because our expenditures are more than our revenues and there is no viable source for more tax revenue in the future.  There is no 'Plan B' to bring in more tax revenue into Somerset coffers.  Somerset will quickly burn through the stabilization account if voters do not reduce spending tonight.  

For fiscal year 2016 (beginning July 1, 2015), expenditures will be $53,172,003 if voters approve that amount tonight.  Projected tax revenue will be about $46,922,003 resulting in a massive deficit situation of $6,250,000.  Fiscal year 2016 is the last year of the "payment in lieu of tax agreement" with Brayton Point Energy, LLC.  Brayton will pay $4,250,000 in taxes for fiscal year 2016 before they close down in May, 2017.  After that, tax revenue will likely be in the one to one and a half million dollar range per year forevermore with no guarantees.

These are the fiscal realities confronting Somerset Town Meeting voters tonight!

Town meeting voters have enormous power tonight.  Voters have the sole power to approve of the $53,172,003 in spending or 'rein in' spending once and for all.  Town Meeting voters have the ultimate power to rein in spending!  The power to rein in spending is not with the Board of Selectmen, it is not with the Advisory and Finance Committee, and it is not with the two school committees.  The Somerset voter has all the authority to spend or not spend. We are akin to Congress as we have all the power to appropriate money or not appropriate money to run our local government.  Collectively, we hold all the cards...

The decision to allow Somerset to be insolvent and bankrupt resides with the citizens and voters in Somerset.  It will not be popular to reduce spending by 2% from fiscal year 2015 levels.  No one wants to defund or reduce spending in our schools.  It would not be popular to rise up at Town Meeting and recommend a budget of $50,751,581 versus $53,172,003 for fiscal year 2016 since this would be a $2,420,422 reduction in spending.  Even so, Somerset would still be in a massive deficit situation since tax revenue is only $46,922,003.  I realize our schools and our valuable teachers would be hurt by these cuts.  I realize our police and fire departments would be hurt by these cuts.  All aspects of Somerset's government would be hurt by these cuts....but they need to happen tonight.

Some will say we need to withdraw money from the magical stabilization account and use so-called mysterious 'free cash' in conjunction with raising property and business taxes to make-up the $6,250,000 deficit.  That is no solution and is shortsighted and fiscally irresponsible all at the same time.  The fiscal year 2016 deficit is $6,250,000 per Town Officials.  There is no PILOT agreement with Brayton Point for fiscal year 2017.  Even if we receive $2,000,000 in revenue from Brayton Point in fiscal year 2017, the projected deficit for fiscal year 2017 will be in the range of $8,500,000-$10,000,000 depending on our spending habits. With no other viable revenue source identified, Somerset will likely run a $10,000,000 per year deficit until we find a suitable revenue replacement for Brayton Point and Montaup.  This is why Somerset is already insolvent and bankrupt.  If you think we can resolve these deficits with increased taxes on homeowners and businesses, you are not being intellectually honest or fiscally responsible.  Need I remind you of my actual tax bill (below) over the past 12 years (your bills are likely similar).  How much more can the taxpayers of Somerset take with our tax burden?
In just two fiscal years, Somerset spending has increased $4,052,780 (over four million dollars), a dramatic increase of 7.62%.  It would be fiscally irresponsible to approve of the recommended spending tonight in light of the substantial revenue shortfall this year and for the foreseeable future.  

I strongly urge Somerset voters to attend Town Meeting tonight and support a 2% reduction (from FY 2015 levels) of every budget in Somerset.  Somerset voters must approve of no more than $50,751,581 to run our government versus the $53,172,003 recommended by Town Officials.  This would be a $2,420,422 reduction in spending and would still result in a substantial $3,829,578 deficit for fiscal year 2016.  I know it is not popular and I know there will be haters with emotions running high, but what choice do we really have?  We must stop the bleeding tonight or face the consequences of our collective actions.  All the power is in the hands of the Town Meeting voter.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Somerset's Budget Contradictions

This new Somerset Virtual Budget website appears to have vastly contradictory information contained within it.  The data and information actually and directly contradicts other previously published information published by the Town of Somerset.  This is disturbing to me and puts into question the credibility of this new website or information previously disseminated by the Town of Somerset (or both).  Why would the Town of Somerset publish contradictory information about the budget?

For instance, below are budget expenses published by the Town of Somerset by fiscal year.  I carefully gather these figures from Town Meeting from information disclosed prior to (and at) Town Meeting by Town officials.  In parenthesis are the figures published on the new virtual website:

FY 2014 - $49,119,223 (virtual budget indicates $50,075,413)
FY 2015 - $51,787,328 (virtual budget indicates $50,139,660)
FY 2016 - $53,172,003 (virtual budget indicates $51,470,362)

Why are the amounts different?  I am holding the chart, for instance, that the Town of Somerset physically mailed me indicating the fiscal year 2014 budget expenses.  The mailed chart clearly indicates $49,119,223 in expenses for fiscal year 2014.  It is expressed in a blown out pie chart.  Yet, the virtual budget website indicates $50,075,413 a difference of $956,190 or nearly a one million dollar difference.  Why would the Town mail me (and everyone else) one figure in a mailing and publish a different amount on this new website?

One of two things may be happening here:  Either the town has no clear picture of Somerset's budget, including correct revenue and expense amounts, or Town Officials are purposefully manipulating data.  The former is possible given all the massive accounting problems recently plaguing the Town of Somerset.  Remember, the town's accounting system was antiquated and Town Officials were several years behind in entering information.  That was just a year or two ago.  Certainly it is possible given the atrocious accounting practices Somerset was engaged in over the past 10 years or so.

The other possibility is the Town is purposefully manipulating data and figures to make percent increases in expenses better that they actually are and to make percent increases in revenue better than they actually are.  For instance, the virtual website is only showing a 2.71% increase in expenses since fiscal year 2014 while previously published figures show a 7.62% increase, certainly a much larger increase in expenses.  It is a classic case of data manipulation and "cooking the books" to make the Town's fiscal picture appear better than it actually is.  I would expect our Town Accountant to use GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) when determining budgets, revenues, and expenses.  Something isn't right here.

I would really like to know why the Town of Somerset is publishing contradictory budget information causing misinformation, confusion, and ethical questions to be asked about the credibility of our Town Officials.  I really hope Town Officials are not cooking the books to make the percent increase in expenses better than they actually are in order to manipulate citizens and budgetary votes.  I would really like to know what is going on here....


Thursday, May 14, 2015

No Casino Somerset, Really...

As I predicted on Tuesday, the ouster of Don Setters from the Somerset Board of Selectmen has now resulted in the withdrawal of the Somerset resort casino bid with the MA Gaming Commission:  SE Mass. casino proposals down to New Bedford, Brockton; Somerset group withdraws.

This comes as no surprise to me.  The casino proposal was an ill-conceived idea to begin with and with the ouster of Setters (its biggest proponent), there was likely little to no support for a casino in Somerset.  I thought it was a dumb idea all along and never supported it from the very beginning.  

So, this chapter of Somerset is over.  No casino will be built here in Somerset.  I'm glad it is over.

Now what?
  • Somerset still has a $6,250,000 structural deficit in fiscal year 2016 with absolutely no additional revenue source identified to make up the $13,000,000 lost from the power plants.
  • Somerset still has a spending problem having increased spending$4,052,780 (over four million dollars) in just two fiscal years (an increase of 7.62%).
  • Somerset still has about $13,000,000 in unfunded liabilities which increases at a rate of about $1,000,000 per year.
  • Somerset is still increasing spending by 7.62% while tax revenue is shrinking by millions of dollars per year.
Somerset is effectively bankrupt and insolvent.  Yes we have about $8,800,000 in the stabilization account, but we will quickly burn through that account if we do not reduce spending across the board now. Unless Somerset finds millions per year in tax revenue or reduces spending by millions per year at this upcoming Town Meeting, we are already ruined, bankrupt, fiscally insolvent, and completely upside down.  Do you understand?

Now that the casino proposal is dead, what is Plan B to replace $13,000,000 in tax revenue? Anyone?  McFly?  Bueller?


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blame Town Meeting Voters

This article appeared yesterday evening:  New Somerset Selectman Moniz sworn in, aims to "rein in" spending.  Look at the grossly inappropriate public dialogue between the former Chief of Police and his boot licking minion, Gen Andrade.  This was said at the swearing in ceremony for Mr. Moniz, Somerset's new Selectman:  "One down and one to go," said Gen Andrade.  “Joe Ferreira’s going to be running for selectman,” Andrade announced. “Maybe, maybe not,” Ferreira responded.  “No maybes,” Andrade corrected Ferreira.  “I’m extremely happy with this election, and looking forward to the next one,” Ferreira said of May 2016 when Lebeau would be up for re-election.  “364 days to the next race,” Andrade quipped.    

I think I'm going to be sick....I just threw up my Cheerios and orange juice....

I guess the useless and pointless hack "job" on the Massachusetts Governor's Council (a job he has only had for a few months now) isn't enough for the former Police Chief...his real goal is to be yet another liberal kook Democrat on the Somerset Board of Selectmen and oust Scott Lebeau in 2016. This coming from a man that has major temper tantrum issues and screamed, ranted, and raved at his boss in public at Town Hall.   This coming from the man that negotiated a Police Department budget in "good faith" with Selectmen and then tried to pull a fast one and add another $100,000 to his police budget at Town Meeting.  This coming from the man who refused to publicly disclose his daily activities as Chief of Police to his superior and to the taxpayers of Somerset.  This coming from the man that went out on phony "medical leave" for a few months after said public temper tantrum and screaming rant.  Yes, Gen Andrade, you sure know how to pick the "winners" for Somerset!  We are totally indebted to you for bringing Somerset such "quality" politicians that have such deep moral fiber and character.

It is a nice political gesture for Mr. Moniz to cut his stipend in half.  That will help cut Somerset's FY 2016 deficit by 0.048% or $3000 of the $6,250,000 shortfall.  Now we just need to find another $6,247,000 and we'll be in good shape!  I am partial to the rhetoric that Somerset needs to "rein in our spending", but I know this is only rhetoric and nothing more. I think that statement is said by all politicians and is typically insincere and meaningless in content.  

No Selectman will "rein in our spending".  Spending has risen nearly 8% in just two fiscal years with a dramatic decline in tax revenues.  Failure to "rein in our spending" is not the fault of the Selectmen; it is the fault of Town Meeting voters.  Town Meeting voters, like the U.S. Congress, are the final appropriation authority of taxpayer money.  It is only the Town Meeting voter that can appropriate money for any budget.  All the power is in our hands as Town Meeting voters; we collectively decide how much money is or is not appropriated for every single nickel spent in Somerset.  It is the Town Meeting voter that is solely responsible for the nearly 8% increase (over $4,000,000) in spending over the past two fiscal years.  All blame resides with the Town Meeting voters of Somerset, MA (and the 12,000 voters that don't bother to show up).  

The only way Somerset will "rein in spending" is by Town Meeting voters cutting every single budget in Somerset by at least 2% from FY 2015 levels.  Until that happens (don't hold your breath), spending will steadily increase year after year while tax revenue declines year after year.  Deficits will grow, stabilization accounts will dwindle, taxes will increase dramatically and home and business values will plummet.  We only have ourselves to blame, Somerset....


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Somerset's Voting Mistake

It is my opinion Somerset voters made a grave mistake by ousting Don Setters from the Somerset Board of Selectmen.  

Don Setters lost to Steve Moniz yesterday by a vote of 1799-1078 (721 votes separated the pair).  I think voters were vicariously voting on the casino issue.  Voters were saying No to a casino by not voting for Setters.  That was a grave mistake.  Voters would have every opportunity to vote No if and when the casino comes to a vote (there would have been several votes taken before a casino would be approved).  The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will now look at this Selectmen vote and take a pass on Somerset.  In all likelihood Brockton was the winner anyway, but this ousting of Setters clearly takes Somerset completely out of the running for a casino bid.  In fact, I would not be surprised if the group Somerset On The Move LLC and their financial backers (if any) dissolved completely now that Setters is ousted from the Board of Selectmen.  Clearly, there is no support for a casino here in Somerset.

When you really look at what happened here, it is no surprise.  Somerset is basically a town infatuated with the Democrat Party (the Party of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Patricia Haddad). Somerset collectively votes for liberal leftists most of the time.  Don Setters and Scott LeBeau are anomalies in Somerset.  The normal winning Party in Somerset is Democrats and especially radical liberal Democrats.  Steve Moniz is a Democrat and Don Setters is a Republican so it is no wonder why Somerset would vote for the Democrat, Steve Moniz.  It is the same reason Somerset voters vote for Barack Hussein Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Kennedy, Ed Markey, Patricia Haddad, and Michael Rodrigues!  You get what you deserve, Somerset....

So, the voters have spoken and they want Moniz and not Setters.  Now the ball is in Steve Moniz's court.  Moniz has now taken the reins and has the power he desired.  Mr. Moniz ran for this Selectmen's seat, he said "I'm a leader", he said "I have a plan to fix Somerset's massive fiscal problems", he said "I have a plan to create tax revenue for the Town of Somerset", he said "I will communicate more than Setters"; he made many promises to the Somerset electorate which he now has to fulfill. Somerset needs to hold his feet to the fire and make sure he delivers what he promised with no excuses.  In fact, according to Mr. Moniz's Facebook political page, Mr. Moniz writes "My mantra is leadership, accountability, transparency and ethical government without making excuses. The Town of Somerset demands the same."  Here's to hoping you execute upon your mantra...

Mr. Moniz's top priority is to close this FY 2016 structural deficit.  FY 2016 operating expenses for Somerset are projected to be $53,172,003 while revenue is projected to be $46,922,003 resulting in a daunting structural deficit of $6,250,000.  Mr. Moniz needs to find a way of closing this deficit along with his brethren, Scott LeBeau and Dave Berube. This structural deficit is Somerset's #1 priority and thus, it is Mr. Moniz's #1 priority!  More information about this structural deficit can be found by reading my prior blog post: Somerset's Fiscal Nightmare Begins.  

It is now on your back, Mr. Moniz...what is your plan to eliminate the $6.25 million structural deficit for FY 2016?  What about the $8 million structural deficit in FY 2017? What about the $10 million structural deficit in FY 2018?  What about the $13 million in unfunded liabilities in Somerset?  What are you going to do, Mr. Moniz?   I'd really like to know the plan...


Saturday, May 9, 2015

The American Traitor, Mitch McConnell

I blogged recently about how the United States Senate castrated themselves and nullified the treaty provision of the United States Constitution:  Castrated & Nullified Constitution.  This is extremely dangerous for at least two reasons:  1. it is another unconstitutional transfer of power enumerated in the Constitution as a Senate power to the Executive Branch and 2. it guarantees the Islamic-Nazis terrorists in Iran will obtain a nuclear bomb and fulfill their "Death to America" and "Final Solution" slogans.

The Senate actually voted to 98-1 to castrate themselves and transfer their treaty approving powers to Barack Hussein Obama:  Senate overwhelmingly approves Iran review bill in 98-1 vote.  The RINO Republicans are actually working for and on behalf of Barack Hussein Obama's radical left agenda.  November's election of Republicans has proven to be a bust and all-for-nothing since Mitch McConnell is a Statist traitor to his own party and to America.   The House of Representatives is the Last Hope to Stop Iran and I am not hopeful considering their leadership.

Mitch McConnell is a left wing, Statist, ideologue who is lock step, shoulder-to-shoulder with Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party.  Mitch McConnell is doing Obama's bidding and there is no real difference between McConnell and his loathsome predecessor, Harry Reid.  McConnell's next treasonous act will be to get Obama's secret trade deal passed (Obama’s Trade Bill Gets Boost as Mitch McConnell Vows Vote ‘Soon’).  This is a secret trade deal that no one has really read or understands (hence the word 'secret'): ONLY TWO REPUBLICANS ADMIT THEY ACTUALLY READ SECRET OBAMA TRADE DEAL—BOTH UNSUPPORTIVE.

And as the borders are wide open with no immigration controls and the American economy is completely sunk, Americans Not In The Labor Force Rise To Record 93,194,000.  At the same time, Regulation run amok; in 2013, the Code of Federal Regulations numbered over 175,000 pages.

America is hopeless....


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Somerset's Fiscal Nightmare Begins

I strongly urge Somerset taxpayers to immediately read Michael Holtzman's Herald News article titled Somerset voters will have to face budget deficit.

This upcoming Town Meeting signals the beginning of Somerset's fiscal nightmare. Somerset is projecting a $6,250,000 structural deficit as spending rises 2.7% or $1,384,675 from prior fiscal year.  Projected revenue is about $46,922,003 when you factor in Brayton Point's lower tax rate (due to the PILOT agreement), while spending is $53,172,003.  Thus, this creates a structural deficit of $6,250,000.

Look closely at the spending numbers.  We are spending $53,172,003 for the upcoming fiscal year 2016. Two fiscal years ago (FY 2014) we were spending $49,119,223 annually. Thus, we have dramatically increased spending by a whopping 7.6% in just two fiscal years! While Somerset spends more, revenue is plummeting and is now resulting in an over six million dollar shortfall between spending and revenue.  We are spending $4,052,777 more in just two fiscal years, but revenue is not keeping pace with our spending!  Of course, that is the very definition of a deficit!!!  

Imagine your household expenses for mortgage, insurance, taxes, utilities, cable, cellular service, etc. is about $3000 on a monthly basis, but your take home income is only $2500 on a monthly basis. You would incur a $500 structural deficit (monthly) and would either need to reduce your spending by $500 or find a way to increase your revenue by $500 (just to break even). That is exactly what Somerset is now facing.  Somerset either needs to reduce our spending or find more revenue.  In some ways, it is easier to find revenue because the politicians have the ability to hike our taxes and fees across the board.  But, I think it is clear we cannot tax our way out of this fiscal mess.  

This deficit is why both school committees must (at the very least) reduce their budget for FY 2016 by 2% from FY 2015 levels.  In fact, every single entity in Somerset (Police, Fire, Highway, etc.) needs to reduce their budget by at least 2%.  FY 2016 spending must be lower when compared to FY 2015 spending.  That is what we call in the financial world, "fiscal reality".  Even level funded budgets will create a deficit, albeit a smaller deficit.  Even if Somerset dialed back spending to FY 2014 levels, we would still have a structural deficit of $2,197,220.  Do you understand what I am saying here?

The stark reality is Somerset is already insolvent and bankrupt.  Yes we have about $8,800,000 in the stabilization account, but we will quickly piss that away if we do not reduce spending across the board now.  Do you not realize Somerset is already insolvent and bankrupt?  Unless Somerset finds a $15,000,000 per year revenue source or reduces spending by $15,000,000 per year, we are already ruined, bankrupt, and completely upside down.  Somerset's fiscal picture is an inverted pyramid and every single taxpayer in Town has a fiduciary responsibility to reduce spending by 2% across the board at this upcoming Town Meeting.

I strongly urge Somerset voters to attend Town Meeting and support a 2% reduction (from FY 2015 levels) of every budget in Somerset.  It won't save Somerset from fiscal doom and gloom, but it may stave off the doom and gloom for a little while longer while we try to find more revenue.  

Just to reiterate (as it is worth saying this twice), here is the last three years of spending in Somerset:

FY 2014 - $49,119,223
FY 2015 - $51,787,328 (5.15% increase or $2,668,105 increase)
FY 2016 - $53,172,003 (2.6% increase or $1,384,675 increase proposed)

Total increase in only two fiscal years is $4,052,780 (over four million dollars), an increase of 7.62%.  Clearly, it would be complete fiscal irresponsibility to approve this spending spree in light of the substantial revenue shortfall.  Again, strongly urge Somerset voters to attend Town Meeting and support a 2% reduction (from FY 2015 levels) of every budget in Somerset.

There is really no other viable choice at the moment.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Somerset's Fuzzy Math and Fuzzy Logic

Confusion!  Caution: fuzzy math and fuzzy logic below!!

Last year, voters approved the $17,919,878 K-8 school budget that was proposed and recommended by the school committee.  This was the exact amount the school department requested voters appropriate to run the K-8 school district for Fiscal Year 2015. Voters didn't come up with the figure; it was the school administration that touted the figure as entirely accurate. Administrators and elected politicians claimed this was an appropriate and accurate amount to run the K-8 school district in Fiscal Year 2015 (the year we are in right now).  

Then sometime around Thanksgiving 2014, K-8 school department administrators discovered more than $460,000 in unpaid bills from FY 2013-2014. Somerset called a Special Town Meeting to order on December 1, 2014 and several of those warrant articles requested the Town voters to appropriate additional money to pay the unpaid bills from 2013-2014. Most of these articles failed to pass the 90% Yes threshold for appropriation, so those bills are still unpaid. 

Then, a few weeks after that meeting, K-8 school department administrators discovered a budget deficit of $850,000 from the appropriated $17,919,878 budget as of day one of Fiscal Year 2015 (beginning July 1, 2014). The $850,000 didn't include the aforementioned $460,000 in unpaid bills from 2013-2014, this was a whole new budget deficit within the current fiscal year.  

Then, there were a series of school committee meetings in December 2014 to discuss closing the $850,000 budget deficit. There was discussion about layoffs (especially in the music department), classroom closures, furlough days, revamped scheduling, SPED changes, and ending the Spectrum program. Somehow, someway, the $850,000 budget deficit was reduced to zero dollars without eliminating any personnel. In fact, positions were created! The K-8 school administration eliminated $850,000 in deficits by a single furlough day (approved by the union), revamped schedules, returning several SPED students to Somerset, ending Spectrum, and the school committee forgoing their stipend. Miraculously, the $850,000 budget deficit disappeared with no impact on staffing and really no noticeable impact in the K-8 district. So, in essence, the school district was back to square and operating within the appropriated sum of $17,919,878 (by their own admission). It seemed like fuzzy math to me, but that is exactly what we were told!  The administration proclaimed last night that the K-8 district was in the black for FY 2015!!!

Then on February 10, 2015, the K-8 school administration put forth their preliminary Fiscal Year 2016 school budget of $19,971,912. The budget was a whopping $927,034 or 5.3% increase from last fiscal year. In this preliminary budget, the school department proposed to hire more staff, especially more administrators. The budget called for adding many new staff positions, including six therapists and assistant therapists for SPED, one psychologist, one English as a second language position, one SPED paraprofessional, two psychology interns, and a new computer technologist. Most of the new budget increases were due to the additional staff (84% of the increase was for salaries). The administration also wanted to add 250 Chromebooks, two new servers, and increase the technology budget dramatically.

Stay with me now....I know it is confusing, but I'm trying to lay it all out....

Last night the actual Fiscal Year school budget was revealed in general terms.  The K-8 school department is requesting $18,466,325 to run the schools in FY 2016.  This is a 3% increase from FY 2015 (about a $544,757 increase).  In this budget, the administration is spending an additional $298,000 by:
  • Hiring a shared curriculum director for $58,000 (65% paid by Somerset, 35% by SBRHS)
  • Hiring a shared technology director for $70,000 (65% paid by Somerset, 35% by SBRHS)
  • Purchasing 250 Chromebook computers for $75,000 (5/classroom)
  • Buying a new teacher assessment program for $25,000
  • Revamping the K-5 science and engineering curriculum for $70,000
This $18,466,325 budget doesn't include capital projects such as:
  • Roof repairs for South Elementary (undisclosed cost)
  • New generator for North Elementary/Central Office - $50,000
  • New South Elementary parking lot/driveway - (undisclosed cost)
All the above capital projects will be requested in separate articles at Town Meeting.  In addition to the above, this $18,466,325 budget does not include $405,262 in FY 2013-2014 unpaid bills. Per the administration, since the $405,262 will be requested in an Annual Town Meeting, an 80% (4/5 vote) Yes threshold must be met (versus the 90% Yes threshold).  The unpaid bill amount is less than the Special Town Meeting requests in December since Southcoast Collaborative owes Somerset money (at least that is what was said). 

Administrators will also have Town Meeting articles requesting 'revolving accounts' for transportation fees, sports/music user fees, school choice fees, before/after school care fees, and facilities usage fees.  These accounts are being established to deposit fees the administration will confiscate from Somerset families.  It was said if this $18,466,325 budget is not approved, there will be a potential elimination of the elementary strings and music programs (again, a target only on music), a RIF of 10-12 teachers (likely from music and art), a RIF of many paraprofessionals, and (you guessed it) user fees.

I am totally and hopelessly confused by all this fuzzy math.  Let's try to summarize where we are right now:
  1. The $17,919,878 FY 2015 budget resulted in a $850,000 deficit which was eliminated by taking the above steps back in December 2014.  We are in the black right now according to administrators.  No deficit for FY 2015! 
  2. K-8 administrators increased their budget by $544,757 (3%) for FY 2016, but will spend more than half (55%) of the $544,757 increase on new personnel (administration, not teachers), useless/outdated Chromebooks, unnecessary computer programs, and nebulous curriculums.  
Somerset's tax revenue continues to be in a state free fall.  It was reported by Mr. Bolton the Town of Somerset has a structural operating deficit of $6,300,000.  Somerset also has the SBRHS budget (about $13,300,000) and the funding of municipal government (about another $20,000,000).  We also have to pay for this new $83,000,000 high school and we continue to have unfunded liabilities approaching $13,000,000 (accruing at $1,000,000 per year).  

Somerset has no business hiking the K-8 budget by 3% to hire more administrators, buy outdated computers, or buy anything of the sort!  I am dumbfounded by the fuzzy logic and the fuzzy math and I think it is abhorrent and disingenuous for the K-8 district to ask for more money to hire more administrators and threaten Somerset with teacher layoffs, user fees (new taxes), and the elimination of elementary school music if we don't comply!  

No one in Somerset should support this budget until the administration reels it back to $17,561,480 (a 2% decrease from FY 2015 or about a $358,398 reduction).  That is right, a 2% decrease to $17,561,480.  NO INCREASES, NO NEW HIRES, NO NEW CHROMEBOOKS!  I cannot support this budget in any way, shape, or form until it is pulled back to a 2% DECREASE.  

Somerset is in fiscal chaos right now, and until we get our fiscal house in order, budgetary decreases of 2% per year is the best we can hope for.  That is just fiscal responsibility, nothing more and nothing less!


Monday, May 4, 2015

Be Quiet

We speak more and more in generalities, sometimes in gross and deceiving generalities. We shy away from specifics.  We avoid definitions and clarity of what we are exactly discussing.  This allows us to speak in general terms about a multitude of things, but we begin to lose comprehension of the specifics that symbolize (and comprise) those things (i.e. those symbols of reality).  Listen to people or read what they write and you will hear and read general discussions with general prejudices applied and offered.  It is a straw man or straw concept set-up as a generalization of reality in totality and the discussion must then be broad and wide to keep pace with the generalization.  To discuss it or even speak of it, one must maintain the generality and keep the symbolic straw man intact.  That straw man must not be reduced to elementary parts; it must stay aloft as a symbol of the sum of all individual parts. 

I immediately think of Ludwig Wittgenstein who sought to resolve all philosophical problems with language (or at least box them in with language).  Wittgenstein believed the logic of our language was misunderstood.  Proposition 1:  The world is all that is the case. Proposition 7:  What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence (from Tractus Logico-Philosophicus).  

In essence, what can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence.  We must speak clearly and specifically and atomically, otherwise, we need to be quiet. Therefore, to speak in generalities, one should be silent.  One must be silent!  The straw man has no meaning and is illogical in construction.  The creator of the straw man failed to give a meaning to certain signs and symbols in the proposition of his straw man (his generality).  

We should say nothing and be silent as it lacks meaning to us.  We must pass over it in silence...we must be quiet.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

More Nepotism and Cronyism in Somerset

What sort of moron would vote for any of the contemptible incumbents on the Somerset Playground and Recreation Commission?  Before we proceed, let's define some terms for our discussion:

Nepotism:  the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

Cronyism:  the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.

Per Jo C. Goode's Herald News article"The Somerset Playground and Recreation Commission violated state conflict of interest laws when it approved hiring family members for youth summer jobs programs in 2012 and 2013, the state Ethics Commission announced this week" and "The Ethics Commission, in an opinion released on Monday, cited Recreation Commission members Maryellen Aspden, Chairman James Pereira, former Chairman Richard Silvia and Raymond Frizado for ethics violations by requesting family members be hired or by approving the hires. The Ethics Commission issued an order for a so-called “public education letter” to “provide other public employees in similar position and circumstances” on how to comply with the state’s conflict of interest laws."

You would have to be a complete idiot to cast a vote or support Maryellen Aspden, James Pereira, Richard Silvia, or Raymond Frizado!  All of these reprehensible people should be booted off this useless commission or, if they had any intelligence, they should resign immediately.  All this unethical nepotism and cronyism is nauseating and irritating.  I am so sick of these mental midgets running for these useless positions and then using their power to hire their family members for recreation jobs in Somerset (jobs paid by my taxes).  

Let's be honest with ourselves, Somerset has no need for a playground and recreation commission in the first place. Somerset certainly has no need for detestable and loathsome people like Maryellen Aspden, James Pereira, Richard Silvia, or Raymond Frizado.  If the whole abhorrent commission resigned tomorrow, no one would notice the difference.  It is a worthless commission and the people found guilty of violating the ethics laws are truly worthless and despicable people.  

Somerset has no need for these halfwit cretin fools and I am so sick and tired of people voting them into office and giving them any power.  Let's disband this commission and stop these unethical people!


Friday, May 1, 2015

Radical Anarchists in America

It is pretty clear to me there is a contingent of radical anarchists in America ready to pounce when there is some "crisis" in America.  It doesn't matter if the crisis is real or manufactured, they are ready to pounce!  These radical anarchists hate America.  It is as simple as that, they hate America.  They seem to be well-funded and well-organized and their message is clear:  racism and poverty are rampart in America, so America must be destroyed from within. 

Take, for instance, the idiot loon meathead Michael Moore.  His Tweets demonstrate that he is an American hating radical anarchist using the Baltimore riots to spew his brand of hateful reverse racism: America's Modern Day Slave System.  Of particular interest is this lovely Tweet:  "Here's my demand: I want every African-American currently incarcerated for drug "crimes" or nonviolent offenses released from prison today."  Perhaps all those released criminals should move into Moore's million dollar mansions with him and his family?  Perhaps Moore can be a good little Marxist and give all his money and wealth to these prisoners to get them started on a better life?  There is so much Moore could do for these upstanding former inmates.  Moore is a millionaire many times over.  It is time for that Marxist Meathead to stop being a hypocrite and give all his millions away to the poor and downtrodden!  How about this Tweet:  "Next demand: Disarm the police. We have a 1/4 billion 2nd amendment guns in our homes 4 protection. We'll survive til the right cops r hired".  Moore would like to take the weapons away from the police because he a radical anarchist nut job!  Can he imagine what New York City, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles would be like if the police were unarmed?  Anarchy and every man for himself!  Michael Moore is the epitome of radical anarchists who hate America.

How about the New Black Panther party leader?  Per BreitbartThis Week on the New Black Panther Party’s “Black Power Radio,” national chairman Hashim Nzinga said since America has “declared war on us,” evidenced by “military police in the black neighborhood” protecting the rich, the New Black Panthers should be looked upon as Founding Fathers who declare war and are “willing to die or kill to save our babies and to save a black nation that is dying before our eyes.”  This is exactly what anarchists would say.  They are willing to die or kill for their cause, just like all the Islamic-Nazi terrorists willing to kill and die for Islam.

The rise of America hating radical anarchists has been inflamed, and even orchestrated by Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, and the Democratic Party.  But, this has been Obama's plan all along.  Obama is engaging in "divide and conquer" in his never ending change of America.  He has divided America by race, by class, and by religion and now for the conquering part....


Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Catholic Hypocrites

2000 years of corrupt and absurd Catholic theology has preached the following dogma about human females:
  1. Women are inherently subservient to men morally, intellectually, and physically, 
  2. Women are to be degraded, while men are to be elevated, 
  3. Women must not be in positions of power in their church hierarchy, 
  4. "Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.  Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything" (Ephesians 5:22-24) and 
  5. Women shall be totally subjugated to men on all accounts. 
How can this religion now preach to the world that it is now a "pure scandal" that women allegedly earn less than men for the same work?  How can this misogynist pope (a fallible human being like you and I) say this and not be labeled a hypocrite of infinite proportions? Patriarchal paternalism and misogyny are still very much alive in the Catholic Church and this pope is as much at fault as all the other hypocritical popes that came before him.  

The hatred of women was found almost without exception in all the major Christian theologians' works throughout Christianity's early formative centuries. Christian theology has been, from its very beginning, a theology of women haters.  The position of women in Western Civilization has improved in recent years only because there has been a welcomed decline in the psychological power of the Catholic Church.

Take, for instance, Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), the "celebrated" Catholic theologian and hater of women.  Aquinas was absolutely convinced of woman's inherent inferiority to man. To Aquinas, the human female was a product of "environmental pollution." Women were not, he taught, "nature's first intention" which aims at perfection but "nature's second intention" which comports to such things as "decay, deformity and the weakness of the age." Women were less intelligent than men.  Men have "more perfect reason" and "stronger virtue" than women, according to Aquinas.  The intellectual defects of women, according to Aquinas, are similar to those "evident in children and mentally ill persons." Women are also less resistant to sexual temptation than men "Because there is higher water content in women, they are more easily seduced by sexual pleasure."  Such are the "teachings" of Thomas Aquinas and the foundation of the modern dogma of the corrupt Catholic Church.

And now this human fallible pope (a human like you and I), the so-called leader of the Catholic Church, wishes to lecture me and everyone else on equal pay and equal rights for women?  I think not!  This hypocrite pope needs to take a look at his corrupt organization and make some changes before lecturing everyone else.  This fallible pope is a hypocrite and a patriarchal, paternalistic, misogynist that preaches the subjugation of women to man! Take a look in the mirror, Francis, and tell us what you really see...I see a woman hating man trying to subjugate the women of the world!  I see misogyny institutionalized in the Church!

But that is not enough for this pope and this Catholic Church. The history of the Church and the Bible is what is known as misology. Misology is the hatred of reason and logical debate (i.e. the Socratic Method). It is the most repugnant trait of the Bible and the Catholic Church.  In Catholicism (and Christianity in general), there is a constant demand that one must believe without evidence or thought, and that one must regard absurdity as a desirable aspect of Christianity. To accept faith (in the biblical sense) means to believe in defiance of rational guidelines; it is blatantly anti-reason, and the biblical writers make no effort to conceal this fact.  Reason and criticism must succumb to faith, blind obedience, and threats of violence (think Galileo).  This misology has led Catholics to believe (on faith alone and without reason) in absurdities such as a virgin birth, resurrection, miracles, and eating actual bodies and drinking actual blood in the form of thin wafers and diluted red wine.  As absurd and contradictory as these things are, the Catholic believes them based on the "mystery of faith".  

This brings me to my second point: this Catholic Church and this pope, with their 2000 year history of misology, absurdity, and contradictions, would now like the world to fight climate change and the skeptics that deny climate change!  A Church devoted to believing without evidence and devoted to irrationalism and nonsense and anti-science for millennia  is writing an 'encyclical' on the environment and climate change and teaming up with the United Nations!  Perhaps this is not as surprising as it seems (yet still very irritating).  This Church and this pope is devoted to absurdity, irrationalism, and misology so it is no wonder that they would believe (likely on faith alone and without evidence) in the pseudo-science of climate change and global warming.  It is no wonder an anti-science Church would embrace the anti-science of climate change for this dove tails nicely with the entire misology of the Catholic Church.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore is a Liberal Failure

Liberal Socialist Democrats have a way of harnessing the negative and making it into the need of more spending on dysfunctional social welfare programs.

For instance, Barack Hussein Obama said "There’s a bunch of my agenda that would make difference right now," as he called for more funding for early education, criminal justice reform and job training.  Obama criticized members of Congress for blocking his agenda items, but encouraged Americans to do some "soul searching".  "I’m under no illusion that under this Congress we’re going to get massive investments in urban communities," Obama said.

How about Maryland Socialist Steny Hoyer (House Minority Whip):  "We have to invest in making sure that we have proper infrastructure and proper housing so that we have neighborhoods that are safe and that we safe conditions in which to live."

Baltimore, MD (like Massachusetts and many cities in Massachusetts) is a failure because of the Liberal Socialist Democrats that control the city from top to bottom for many, many years.  As Breitbart's John Nolte succinctly writes: 
Contrary to the emotional blackmail some leftists are attempting to peddle, Baltimore is not America’s problem or shame. That failed city is solely and completely a Democrat problem. Like many failed cities, Detroit comes to mind, and every city besieged recently by rioting, Democrats and their union pals have had carte blanche to inflict their ideas and policies on Baltimore since 1967, the last time there was a Republican Mayor....Democrats run the city of Baltimore, the unions, the schools, and, yes, the police force. Since 1969, there have only been only been two Republican governors of the State of Maryland.
Elijah Cummings  (Baltimore Representative in Congress) is a Socialist Democrat for over 30 years.  He is a failure.  Every single member of the Baltimore city council is a Democrat. This buffoon and idiotic mayor, who did a press conference with an under-armor baseball hat, sweatshirt, and jeans, is a leftist Democrat.  Maryland is controlled by Democrats.

Mr. Nolte continues:
Liberalism and all the toxic government dependence and cronyism and union corruption and failed schools that comes along with it, has run amok in Baltimore for a half-century, and that is Baltimore’s problem. It is the free people of Baltimore who elect and then re-elect those who institute policies that have so spectacularly failed that once-great city. It is the free people of Baltimore who elected Mayor Room-To-Destroy.
You can call the arson and looting and violence we are seeing on our television screens, rioting. That’s one way to describe the chaos. Another way to describe it is Democrat infighting. This is blue-on-blue violence. The thugs using the suspicious death of Freddie Gray (at the hands of a Democrat-led police department) to justify the looting that updates their home entertainment systems, are Democrats protesting Democrat leaders and Democrat policies in a Democrat-run city.
Poverty has nothing to do with it. This madness and chaos and anarchy is a Democrat-driven culture that starts at the top with a racially-divisive White House heartbreakingly effective at ginning up hate and violence. 
Where I currently reside here in Watauga County, North Carolina, the poverty level is 31.3%. Median income is only $34,293. In both of those areas we are much worse off than Baltimore, that has a poverty rate of only 23.8% and a median income of $41,385.
Despite all that, we don’t riot here in Watauga County. Thankfully, we have not been poisoned by the same left-wing culture that is rotting Baltimore, and so many other cities like it, from the inside out. We get along remarkably well. We are neighbors. We are people who help out one another. We take pride in our community, and are grateful for what we do have. We are far from perfect, but we work out our many differences in civilized ways. Solutions are our goal, not cronyism, narcissistic victimhood, and the blaming of others.
One attitude we don’t have here is the soul-killing belief that somebody owes us something, which, of course, is a recipe for discontent. Because if you’re not getting what’s owed to you, how can you be anything but angry?
Democrats and their never-ending grievance campaigns; their never-ending propaganda that government largess is the answer; their never-ending caves to corrupt unions; their never-ending warehousing of innocent children in failed public schools — that’s a Democrat problem, not America’s problem.
I might believe Baltimore was an American problem if the city was interested in new ideas and a new direction under new leaders. But we all know that will never happen. After Democrat policies result in despair and anarchy, Democrats always demand more of the same, only bigger.
And the media goes right along.
And things only get worse.
I wish you all the luck in the world Baltimore. And I truly wish you had the courage to change. If you ever do, send up a flare. Until then, there is nothing anyone can do for you. You are victims of your own choices, and no one can make choices for you but you.
As far as the good people of Baltimore trapped by the terrible voting of your fellow citizens, I suggest you buy more guns until you can move to a city not run by those who see rioting as part of the Master Plan.
And so, the Liberal Socialist Democrats will use these riots to demand bigger government and more spending on failed social welfare programs.  That will be the talking point and the mainstream media will tow the line like they always do.  A city and state controlled by leftists and Marxists for nearly 50 years will be the fault of Republicans because Republicans refuse to "invest" in urban Baltimore.  Obama may even use this crisis to seize more power by 'federalizing' local police forces.  Obama has already hinted at doing this which would take away local control of police departments and put it into the hands of federal bureaucrats.  

The Democrat solution to all problems is more centralized and bigger government.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Unraveling of the Civil Society

It is a very sad day in America.  The rule of law has been replaced by mob mentality in the great City of Baltimore, MD.  Criminals, brutal thugs, violent barbarians, terrorists, thieves, and losers have virtually taken over the City of Baltimore; stealing, burning, assaulting, destroying, and wreaking havoc and mayhem.  

Baltimore was turned into a war zone last night and the police just stood and watched it all happen.  I sat and watched this unfold last evening.  This riot has nothing to do with Freddie Gray or racism. This is simply destruction and obliteration for the sake of destruction and obliteration. These were uncontrolled riots committed by common criminal losers and the police stood by and watched it all happen.  Some of these rioters were brought in from outside the city to incite the riot.  Rival gangs joined forces with common criminals to loot, destroy, and riot for the sake of destruction.  They are not protesters by any definition of the word.  

I have to ask why the police did not control the situation and why they allowed it to get so out-of-control?  Were they under orders to allow this to happen?  Is this Mayor complicit in allowing this riot to take root by ordering police inaction?  If so, she should resign today and be arrested and prosecuted for allowing this destruction to happen.

Part of me wants to lay blame on the race baiters that help spark these riots by the innuendo and undertone of their racial remarks following the Trayvon Martin case, the Michael Brown case, and the Eric Garner case.  The race baiting remarks from the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Barack Hussein Obama, and Eric Holder seem to ferment the "all cops are racist" mantra...and then the riots and the destruction of property happen because of the racial mantra...and finally the unraveling of the civil society occurs.  Perhaps it is no longer part of me that wants to lay blame on these racialists, it is all of me.

The Daily Mail has the best photos and synopsis of what happened in Baltimore, MD last night.  It is a very sad day in America...


Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Loathsome Hillary Clinton

Why are Hillary Rodham Clinton scandals portrayed in the mainstream media as just Hillary Clinton scandals?  

Take these prominent scandals:  The Clinton Foundation received millions from investors as Putin took over 20% of US uranium deposits and Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal and Many Clinton charity donors also got State Department awards under Hillary.  These are highly complicated stories.  You'll need to read these stories carefully to fully understand the ramifications and the ethical problems posed to Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

Investors in Uranium One gave money to the Clinton Foundation from 2005 to 2011. Bill 'BJ' Clinton (the pervert) was paid $500,000 to speak in Russia by an investment bank with ties to Russia's government that had a buy rating on Uranium One’s stock. Clinton was required to disclose all of her foundation's contributors before she became secretary of state, but the Clintons did not disclose millions of dollars donated by the chairman of Uranium One while the United States government's review of the deal was ongoing.  And, in fact, Barack Hussein Obama's cabinet had to sign off on the deal to transfer 20% of America's strategic uranium deposits to a now private Russian company. One of those cabinet members was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but all the other high level cabinet members had to also sign off. All of these cabinet members directly report to Barack Hussein Obama and that is where the buck stops.  

And so, major Clinton donors sold control of 20% of America's strategic uranium deposits to Russia in a deal that required permission from seven major cabinet members of the Obama administration. This isn't just a Clinton scandal, but an Obama scandal of the highest order and both Obama and Clinton should be held accountable for their corruption.  Our government has become a haven for institutionalized corruption and yet the RINO controlled Senate will never hold Hillary or Obama accountable for any of their corruption.

Instead, the RINOs in the Senate, led by the three RINO morons Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, confirmed Loretta Lynch as the next Attorney General of the United States.  Lynch is a Marxist radical that believes Obama has the power to usurp the United States Constitution and bypass Congress (she said as much under oath).  If you thought Eric Holder was a leftist radical ideologue, wait until Lynch is sworn in as the Attorney General:  Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch Because of 10 RINOs.

I'd like to close with F--- Clinton, F--- Obama, F---McConnell, F---McCain, F---Graham, and F---the RINOs.  There is really no where else to turn...