Saturday, July 26, 2014

Obama Plan To Win Back Super Majority

Executive action by Barack Hussein Obama is imminent.  Illegally he will use power he does not have under the Constitution to grant amnesty to potentially millions of illegal immigrants.  Here are the stories:

Representative Luis GutiƩrrez (D., Ill.) predicted that the administration could legalize as many as 5 million people.

Make no mistake about it, executive action by Obama is against the United States Constitution's separation of power clause.  Obama doesn't have the authority to make and create law and grant amnesty.  That is authority granted to Congress exclusively.  This will be yet another impeachable offence by Obama, but don't count on the feckless Republicans to do anything about it.

There is more to this story.  This will be done in September, two months before the mid-term elections.  Obama and the left media will make this issue front and center above and beyond all other issues facing America.  There will be no debate about $18 trillion deficits, Putin, terrorists, the middle east, foreign affairs, or any other issue facing America.  The only story that will be discussed from September until November will be illegal immigration, racism, and xenophobia.  The entire tide of debate will center on race relations in America. The Democrats and the media will set it up perfectly.  If you are against Obama and his amnesty and immigration policies, you will be deemed a racist and xenophobe by the ruling class and masterminds.  The left will rise up in droves and vote and sweep both the House and Senate, giving the President another super-majority to further his fundamental change of America for his final two years in office.

That is the Obama plan to win back the super majority in the House and Senate.   You may now watch it unfold before your eyes in the coming months...


Friday, July 25, 2014

Legalized Money Laundering in Somerset, MA

I have written extensively about how Somerset's Beacon Hill representatives have caused the shuttering of Brayton Point and Montaup to the substantial demise of Somerset.  One of those responsible (Patricia Haddad, D-Somerset) is running unopposed for re-election in November, 2014.  She is, by all accounts, a nice person, but she is a terrible legislator and a horrific left wing socialist ideologue.  With her progressive voting record, she is hurting Somerset residents and businesses, the very people she is supposed to represent!

I was reading in the Spectator that Haddad tried to confiscate yet another $3,000,000 for Somerset from the RGGI Trust Fund, but it wasn't included in the Governor's budget and was denied.  

Unless I'm missing something, Somerset already obtained $3,000,000 from RGGI last fiscal year.  Per the Chapter 64 statute "(a) Notwithstanding any general law or special law to the contrary, the department of energy resources shall expend an amount not to exceed $3,000,000 from the RGGI Auction Trust Fund established in section 35II of chapter 10 of the General Laws for a 1-time reimbursement to a municipality that has been negatively impacted by a reduction in property tax receipts from a dual coal and oil fired electric generating station due to a reduction in capacity factor, occurring after July 1, 2012."  

I am not a lawyer or a legislator, but it says "1-time reimbursement", right?  We have already obtained our "1-time reimbursement" from the RGGI last fiscal year, right?  That's it, we are not "entitled" to any more "stolen" money from this trust fund, right?  Perhaps I'm missing something?  You can read the statute here and tell me if I'm wrong.

The Governor actually wrote a letter to the House and Senate making certain it was a "1-time reimbursement".  Read Governor Patrick's July 12, 2013 letter here.  This looks like some political stunt by Haddad to make herself look good in front of her Somerset constituents, but I see right through to the evil that is lurking behind the curtain.  Take a peek and you'll see it too.

This RGGI Trust Fund is simply a legalized money laundering operation just like the mafia and other criminal enterprises run all over the world (except the government made it legal to steal in this case).  The fund steals and confiscates money from privately owned fossil fuel power plants via cap and trade auctions (which Haddad voted "Yea") and the funds get deposited into the RGGI Trust Fund.  Essentially, the government is skimming millions of dollars from power plants just like the mafia does and pockets the money into RGGI.  It is a lot of money and it is redistribution of wealth by the government into the hands of the government!  Massachusetts has garnered $268,739,221 from cap and trade since 2008. That is over a quarter billion dollars in stolen money!

What private business could survive when millions of dollars are taken, stolen, and confiscated from it right off the top?  This is the reason why Brayton Point and Montaup have closed or will close.  They cannot possibly operate the business profitably when the government is stealing from them in a legalized money laundering operation hell-bent on their closure!  Remember when your parents told you it was wrong to steal?  Why then is it acceptable when the government steals?  Stealing is either wrong or it is right, but it cannot be both...  

The intended effect here is the closure of Montaup and Brayton Point and the ultimate demise of Somerset as a financially viable community.  Property taxes will rise, home values will plummet, and everyone will suffer the financial consequences.  Additionally, the effect is much higher electricity prices for every man, woman, child, and business which will, in turn, raise the costs of everything (and I mean everything) you consume!

You can thank Mrs. Haddad and all her Democratic colleagues on Beacon Hill for the demise and collapse of Somerset, MA.


(As an aside, why is it George Austin and Michael Holtzman and the Herald News editorial staff protect Haddad from all criticism?  Why do they not investigate what I'm saying here and report the truth to voters?  Why do they shirk their journalistic duties in favor of left-wing politicking on behalf of liberals and Democrats?  I would like to know....)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Absurdity of Life Contemplated

I cannot sleep!

Contemplating existence and what seems to be the total absurdity of existence can be like laying a weight upon your chest heavy enough not to kill you, but enough to bring you complete discomfort and misery. Contemplate your life and what it is in truthful reality.  Not what others tell you it is or supposed to be, but what it is, as it is.  The absurdity! The endless working and toiling of living over and over and over again.  The sameness of tasks and actions.  The ceaselessness of the day in and day out.  No relief, no reprieve, just futile repetition over and over again.  All this only to die in the end and back to dust you go.  What of it?  Is that all?  Are we simply born into futile, absurd misery only to die an all-too-short time later?  I'm afraid so! You can only accept it or allow it to crush you to death, but you cannot avoid it.

What if you had to do your life over and over again without end?  Would you accept the fate or allow it to devour you like a cancer?  I, at once, recall this passage from Nietzsche's The Gay Science:
The greatest weight. -- What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: "This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence -- even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust!" Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: "You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine"? If this thought gained possession of you, it would change you as you are, or perhaps crush you. (Nietzsche; The Gay Science)
Nietzsche accepted the fate of this eternal recurrence.  He loved the fate as a bridge to the overman.  A stepping stone to something greater for man.  A part of the evolution of man from what he is now and what he could be.  Escape is impossible!  A freedom from morality begins: "To endure the idea of the recurrence one needs: freedom from morality; new means against the fact of pain (pain conceived as a tool, as the father of pleasure...); the enjoyment of all kinds of uncertainty, experimentalism, as a counterweight to this extreme fatalism; abolition of the concept of necessity; abolition of the "will"; abolition of "knowledge-in-itself."

The absurd can best be captured in the below essay by Camus.  A conclusion that you must see the absurdity of life and the absurd person (you and me) as fate.  Fate is a human matter that must be settled by humans, with no help from a god.  You must see Sisyphus as "happy" and loving fate as Nietzsche proclaimed:  "Amor Fati" -- "My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be different, not forward, not backward, not in all eternity. Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it—all idealism is mendacity in the face of what is necessary—but love it." (Ecce Homo)

The Myth of Sisyphus

by Albert Camus

The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor.

If one believes Homer, Sisyphus was the wisest and most prudent of mortals. According to another tradition, however, he was disposed to practice the profession of highwayman. I see no contradiction in this. Opinions differ as to the reasons why he became the futile laborer of the underworld. To begin with, he is accused of a certain levity in regard to the gods. He stole their secrets. Egina, the daughter of Esopus, was carried off by Jupiter. The father was shocked by that disappearance and complained to Sisyphus. He, who knew of the abduction, offered to tell about it on condition that Esopus would give water to the citadel of Corinth. To the celestial thunderbolts he preferred the benediction of water. He was punished for this in the underworld. Homer tells us also that Sisyphus had put Death in chains. Pluto could not endure the sight of his deserted, silent empire. He dispatched the god of war, who liberated Death from the hands of her conqueror.

It is said that Sisyphus, being near to death, rashly wanted to test his wife's love. He ordered her to cast his unburied body into the middle of the public square. Sisyphus woke up in the underworld. And there, annoyed by an obedience so contrary to human love, he obtained from Pluto permission to return to earth in order to chastise his wife. But when he had seen again the face of this world, enjoyed water and sun, warm stones and the sea, he no longer wanted to go back to the infernal darkness. Recalls, signs of anger, warnings were of no avail. Many years more he lived facing the curve of the gulf, the sparkling sea, and the smiles of earth. A decree of the gods was necessary. Mercury came and seized the impudent man by the collar and, snatching him from his joys, lead him forcibly back to the underworld, where his rock was ready for him.

You have already grasped that Sisyphus is the absurd hero. He is, as much through his passions as through his torture. His scorn of the gods, his hatred of death, and his passion for life won him that unspeakable penalty in which the whole being is exerted toward accomplishing nothing. This is the price that must be paid for the passions of this earth. Nothing is told us about Sisyphus in the underworld. Myths are made for the imagination to breathe life into them. As for this myth, one sees merely the whole effort of a body straining to raise the huge stone, to roll it, and push it up a slope a hundred times over; one sees the face screwed up, the cheek tight against the stone, the shoulder bracing the clay-covered mass, the foot wedging it, the fresh start with arms outstretched, the wholly human security of two earth-clotted hands. At the very end of his long effort measured by skyless space and time without depth, the purpose is achieved. Then Sisyphus watches the stone rush down in a few moments toward the lower world whence he will have to push it up again toward the summit. He goes back down to the plain.

It is during that return, that pause, that Sisyphus interests me. A face that toils so close to stones is already stone itself! I see that man going back down with a heavy yet measured step toward the torment of which he will never know the end. That hour like a breathing-space which returns as surely as his suffering, that is the hour of consciousness. At each of those moments when he leaves the heights and gradually sinks toward the lairs of the gods, he is superior to his fate. He is stronger than his rock.

If this myth is tragic, that is because its hero is conscious. Where would his torture be, indeed, if at every step the hope of succeeding upheld him? The workman of today works everyday in his life at the same tasks, and his fate is no less absurd. But it is tragic only at the rare moments when it becomes conscious. Sisyphus, proletarian of the gods, powerless and rebellious, knows the whole extent of his wretched condition: it is what he thinks of during his descent. The lucidity that was to constitute his torture at the same time crowns his victory. There is no fate that can not be surmounted by scorn.

If the descent is thus sometimes performed in sorrow, it can also take place in joy. This word is not too much. Again I fancy Sisyphus returning toward his rock, and the sorrow was in the beginning. When the images of earth cling too tightly to memory, when the call of happiness becomes too insistent, it happens that melancholy arises in man's heart: this is the rock's victory, this is the rock itself. The boundless grief is too heavy to bear. These are our nights of Gethsemane. But crushing truths perish from being acknowledged. Thus, Edipus at the outset obeys fate without knowing it. But from the moment he knows, his tragedy begins. Yet at the same moment, blind and desperate, he realizes that the only bond linking him to the world is the cool hand of a girl. Then a tremendous remark rings out: "Despite so many ordeals, my advanced age and the nobility of my soul make me conclude that all is well." Sophocles' Edipus, like Dostoevsky's Kirilov, thus gives the recipe for the absurd victory. Ancient wisdom confirms modern heroism.

One does not discover the absurd without being tempted to write a manual of happiness. "What!---by such narrow ways--?" There is but one world, however. Happiness and the absurd are two sons of the same earth. They are inseparable. It would be a mistake to say that happiness necessarily springs from the absurd. Discovery. It happens as well that the felling of the absurd springs from happiness. "I conclude that all is well," says Edipus, and that remark is sacred. It echoes in the wild and limited universe of man. It teaches that all is not, has not been, exhausted. It drives out of this world a god who had come into it with dissatisfaction and a preference for futile suffering. It makes of fate a human matter, which must be settled among men.

All Sisyphus' silent joy is contained therein. His fate belongs to him. His rock is a thing. Likewise, the absurd man, when he contemplates his torment, silences all the idols. In the universe suddenly restored to its silence, the myriad wondering little voices of the earth rise up. Unconscious, secret calls, invitations from all the faces, they are the necessary reverse and price of victory. There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night. The absurd man says yes and his efforts will henceforth be unceasing. If there is a personal fate, there is no higher destiny, or at least there is, but one which he concludes is inevitable and despicable. For the rest, he knows himself to be the master of his days. At that subtle moment when man glances backward over his life, Sisyphus returning toward his rock, in that slight pivoting he contemplates that series of unrelated actions which become his fate, created by him, combined under his memory's eye and soon sealed by his death. Thus, convinced of the wholly human origin of all that is human, a blind man eager to see who knows that the night has no end, he is still on the go. The rock is still rolling.

I leave Sisyphus at the foot of the mountain! One always finds one's burden again. But Sisyphus teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks. He too concludes that all is well. This universe henceforth without a master seems to him neither sterile nor futile. Each atom of that stone, each mineral flake of that night filled mountain, in itself forms a world. The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

Can we 'love fate' and imagine Sisyphus as happy?  I cannot....


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hitler and Hamas

Listen to Barack Hussein Obama or John Kerry or any of the left wing news outlets and you will hear people on the wrong side of history.  They speak as if it is acceptable that Hamas shoot rockets into Israel.  They speak as if it is acceptable that Hamas use humans to protect their missals.  They don't really believe Israel has the right and duty to defend themselves. They are on the side of terrorists and terrorism.  Our President, our Secretary of State on the side of the terrorists!  The antisemitic Jihad by Islamic Nazis and the final solution they dream of is being executed by Hamas and Barack Hussein Obama is on their side.

You want to know the history of Hamas, Palestinians, Jihad, antisemitism, and Islamic Nazis?  Check out this article.  It was none other than Adolph Hitler that financed modern day Jihad.  "One of the first people Hitler told about his plans to kill Europe's Jews was the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, the infamous mufti of Jerusalem, Yasser Arafat's cousin. Hitler and the mufti shook hands on a plan to exterminate all the Jews of the Middle East. The Reich preserved the memo, the minutes, and a photo of their famous handshake (pictured to the right)."

"Hitler has never left the Middle East. For almost 70 years, the Arab world has been pickled in Nazi Jew-hatred. In the words of Matthias Kuntzel, author of Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11, "[i]f there is one theme ... which unites Islamists, Liberals, Nasserites and Marxists, it is the collective fantasy of the common enemy in the shape of Israel and the Jews, which almost always correlates with the wish to destroy Israel." Jew-hatred is indispensable to Arab leaders, from Egypt to Saudi Arabia to Iran to the Palestinian Authority, in their fight against democratic Western values."

The real history of the Palestinians, the PLO, and Hamas is the continuation of Hitler's final solution to exterminate all Jews.  It is antisemitism and Jew hatred by Islamic Nazi terrorists....

Which side is America on?


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shameless, Low-Life, Knuckle-Draggers

"With upward of 100 people present, a majority clearly favoring Moniz, a cascade of profanities, threats and other vulgar messages greeted the selectmen’s decision inside the auditorium and continued outside."

Are you kidding me?  Profanities?  Threats?  What sort of animals are these people that show up at a public hearing (with children present) and swear and shout profanity at the Selectmen and the new Police Chief?  

Are these people low-class barbarians?  Are they the dregs of society?  Are they savages circling the mysterious fire?  Are they brutish meat-heads with only base emotions?  Are they Neanderthals with clubs?

The answer is Yes!!!  These are the classless, stupid, idiotic, moronic, herd-like drones with empty skulls and big mouths.  They are the fitful 4 year olds that go hysterical when things don't get their own way.  Except they are grown adults with the intelligence of a 4 year old.

What a bunch of shameless, low-life, knuckle-draggers.  Please, do us all a favor, stay home if you are a moron and/or an idiot.  Democracy is better served without dumb people mucking up our civil meetings....


Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Communist Manifesto

I took to reading The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.  I was between books, so I purchased it and read it in about 1.5 hours.  It is only 33 pages and is more like a political pamphlet.  Certainly it is one of the most influential political and philosophical writings in human history.  There is no doubt about that fact.  It is also the foundation for the slaughter of tens of millions of people, especially in Soviet Russia and Mao's Red China.  More recently, it is the philosophy of Barack Hussein Obama and many Democrats in Congress.  In the book, bourgeoisie refers most commonly as capitalists and property owners. The proletariat refers to the collective worker generally in the employ of the bourgeoisie.

Anyway...I cut out some interesting quotes from the book to demonstrate how twisted and demented the philosophy is and how anti-freedom and anti-individual the philosophy is.

The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles.
In depicting the most general phases of the development of the proletariat, we traced the more or less veiled civil war, raging within existing society, up to the point where that war breaks out into open revolution, and where the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie lays the foundation for the sway of the proletariat.
The immediate aim of the Communist is the same as that of all the other proletarian parties: formation of the proletariat into a class, overthrow of the bourgeois supremacy, conquest of political power by the proletariat.
...the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.
....the first step in the revolution by the working class, is to raise the proletariat to the position of ruling as to win the battle of democracy.
In bourgeois society, therefore, the past dominates the present; in Communist society, the present dominates the past. In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality.
And the abolition of this state of things is called by the bourgeois, abolition of individuality and freedom! And rightly so. The abolition of bourgeois individuality, bourgeois independence, and bourgeois freedom is undoubtedly aimed at. By freedom is meant, under the present bourgeois conditions of production, free trade, free selling and buying.
“There are, besides, eternal truths, such as Freedom, Justice, etc. that are common to all states of society. But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.”
Of course, in the beginning, this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads on the rights of property, and on the conditions of bourgeois production; by means of measures, therefore, which appear economically insufficient and untenable, but which, in the course of the movement, outstrip themselves, necessitate further inroads upon the old social order, and are unavoidable as a means of entirely revolutionising the mode of production. These measures will of course be different in different countries.
In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.
In all these movements they bring to the front, as the leading question in each, the property question, no matter what its degree of development at the time. Finally, they labour everywhere for the union and agreement of the democratic parties of all countries. The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. WORKING MEN OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE!


Friday, July 18, 2014

The Warren Manifesto

One massive blunder for Massachusetts was the election of Elizabeth Warren to the Senate. This is a blunder like no other.  The idiot voters of Massachusetts put into office a devout Communist, Socialist, Revolutionary, and Marxist who could potentially rival the Marxist ideology of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  

She has become a darling of the ultra left and there has been some talk of her running for president or being vice president to Hillary in 2016 (I'm feeling nauseous already).  If you thought Obama was a left wing ideologue and a Marxist, you'd better get ready for things to get significantly worse if Warren runs for president.  I saw a story today where Warren lists out the "11 commandments of progressivism" to the audience.  

We can call this the Warren Manifesto since it reads much like the Communist Manifesto. All she really needed to do was end the speech by saying: "Finally, they labour everywhere for the union and agreement of the democratic parties of all countries. The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. WORKING MEN OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE!"

Here is what she said:
- "We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, and we're willing to fight for it."
- "We believe in science, and that means that we have a responsibility to protect this Earth."
- "We believe that the Internet shouldn't be rigged to benefit big corporations, and that means real net neutrality."
- "We believe that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty, and that means raising the minimum wage."
- "We believe that fast-food workers deserve a livable wage, and that means that when they take to the picket line, we are proud to fight alongside them."
- "We believe that students are entitled to get an education without being crushed by debt."
- "We believe that after a lifetime of work, people are entitled to retire with dignity, and that means protecting Social Security, Medicare, and pensions."
- "We believe—I can't believe I have to say this in 2014—we believe in equal pay for equal work."
- "We believe that equal means equal, and that's true in marriage, it's true in the workplace, it's true in all of America."
- "We believe that immigration has made this country strong and vibrant, and that means reform."
- "And we believe that corporations are not people, that women have a right to their bodies. We will overturnHobby Lobby and we will fight for it. We will fight for it!"
And the main tenet of conservatives' philosophy, according to Warren? "I got mine. The rest of you are on your own."


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lopsided Ratios In Somerset

What are Somerset's elected officials doing to reduce the size of Somerset's government (i.e. municipal government, police, fire, schools, etc.)?  The answer is absolutely nothing.  

The elected officials in Somerset are doing absolutely nothing to reduce the size and cost of running the Town of Somerset.  In fact, the costs and size are actually being increased by several departments and they will turn to the voters of Somerset to approve of their enhanced spending sprees.

It is truly amazing to me how the average low-information voter and the even lower-information politician in Somerset cannot understand simple mathematics.  They cannot understand the simple ratio of revenue to expenditure.  It is really simple.  As the revenue side of the ratio goes down, the expenditure side must also go down proportionately.  If that reduction doesn't occur on the expenditure side, the other remaining revenue sources will be forced to pay more to close the ratio gap created by not reducing expenditures.  What does that mean?  Simply put, your taxes will be increased in proportion to the amount of expenditures not reduced.  This is because the revenue sources are fixed and one of the most significant sources of revenue will be ceasing their payments to Somerset in 2017.  Thus, all other sources will need to "make up for" the loss of revenue when expenditures are not reduced.  In Somerset's case, we'll need to make up about $15,000,000 in revenue from the remaining businesses and homeowners assuming no reduction in expenditures.

But, as we have seen recently, expenditures are not being reduced at all.  In fact, they are being INCREASED!  Thus, the revenue to expenditure ratio is significantly lopsided in favor of expenditures.  The aforementioned $15,000,000 short fall will thereby increase in proportion to the increased expenditures with no other revenue sources existing (except the aforementioned remaining homeowners and businesses).  In business as in life, this lopsided ratio is a recipe for catastrophe and bankruptcy.  If you had this lopsided ratio in your personal finances, you'd go bankrupt quickly.  It is akin to quitting your job and buying a million dollar yacht. Understand?  Sure you do...

Enough of Economics 101.  Are we serious about Somerset's survival?  If we are, this lopsided ratio must change quickly or Somerset is certain to meet its financial demise in just a few short years.  It is pretty simple, right?  Why, then, does no one seem to understand or care?


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

America Is Dead

We, as Americans, should always be concerned with our personal security, our personal freedom, and our personal sovereignty.  We the people are free and have inalienable rights as human beings.  Our rights cannot be violated by government, whether it be federal, state, or local government.  

We the people must be cognizant of the limits of government as set forth in the Constitution and must ensure government does not go beyond the bounds of the limits.  Provisions are set forth in the Constitution for impeachment, for spending power (power of the purse), for legislation, for adjudication, and for adding amendments.  The limits of our republican form of government are clearly defined in seven articles and twenty-seven amendments and all rights not specified go naturally to the sovereign people.

Today, we are faced with a federal government usurping our Constitution and thereby usurping our personal security, our personal freedom, and our personal sovereignty.  The Constitution has been violated, liberty has been seized, and personal freedom has been expropriated.  Though the President is leading the charge of usurpation, all three branches of government are failing to uphold and defend the United States Constitution as their members were sworn to do.  It is a complete failure of the Republic in the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the Presidency.  The Tripartite System of government has failed (it is not failing, it has failed).  

As Ayn Rand said "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force."  I would amend Ms. Rand's quote by saying "We are at the stage in America of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force."

Today, I have recognized the American test of freedom and liberty as an abject failure. 238 years later, the Republic is dead.  The people of this nation no longer have the fortitude to uphold and defend our liberties because government has stupefied and crushed the will of the people.

Nietzsche said "God is dead"...I say "America is dead"....


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Herald News Editorial Translation

I thought I'd offer a quick translation of the recent Herald News editorial titled "Tapping Massachusetts' offshore wind potential".  Sometimes it is tough to decipher what the Herald News staff is trying to get you to believe, so, without further ado, here is a translation of the Herald News editorial:

As New England grapples with a changing energy production landscape, we’re left wondering how we will power our region and its economy. But rather than struggling against powerful economic headwinds beyond our control, we actually have the power to harness the winds of change to our advantage.<=Translation:  Now that the liberal, progressive Democrats have successfully spread the lies and propaganda of global warming and climate change and have closed down coal-fired plants, Democrats are now wondering how the hell they will power their laptops and iPads and 70" televisions....
Just off the SouthCoast, south of Martha’s Vineyard, lies some of the world’s most productive offshore wind energy potential. Now state and local officials, led by New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell and House Speaker Pro-Tempore Patricia Haddad, D-Somerset, want to expedite the potential for turning this renewable energy resource into a reality.<=Translation:  The aforementioned liberal, progressive Democratic leaders will now engage in crony-capitalism between the wind power industry and liberal, progressive Democrats on Beacon Hill. This will be accomplished by favoritism, special tax goodies, mandates, and self-serving state intervention.  It is legal bribery, legal corruption, and self-serving politics that the Democrats on Beacon Hill will support now.
For years, New Bedford has been at the forefront of unlocking the economic benefits of offshore wind energy with its Marine Commerce Terminal and Wind Energy Center, which will become the nation’s first offshore wind terminal.<=I think "forefront" may be over playing the City of New Bedford just a bit...don't ya think?
Now Haddad — long a supporter of coal-fired power due to Somerset’s reliance on the power plant industry<=Alert! Bald Faced Lie — has become a wind power convert. Due to a combination of market and regulatory forces<=i.e. Obama's war on coal, EPA regulations, and Haddad's Cap & Trade law...just to name a few, it’s become clear that the days of coal-fired power plants are numbered. Seeing the benefit that offshore wind power can offer to Somerset, the SouthCoast and the commonwealth, Haddad has become a powerful supporter of offshore wind energy development to help fill the energy and economic gap.<=Translation: Because the Herald News is a liberal, left wing, progressive newspaper, they must always paint a rosy picture of their dear BFF Patricia Haddad, one that will re-write history and make her look good among her blue constituents in Somerset, MA.  So, we'll now say Patricia Haddad long supported coal-fired power (which we know she never did), but now she supports wind power instead because it is the wave of the future and because Haddad is pretty good at crony politics and crony capitalism as pro-tempore speaker...
Haddad is sponsoring an amendment to a renewable energy bill that would require Massachusetts utility companies to purchase 800 megawatts of offshore wind to add to its energy portfolio by 2020. The existing bill requires the utility companies to purchase 2.4 gigawatts of hydroelectric power — mainly produced in Canada — between now and 2020.<=Keyword here is "require".  Whenever government intervenes and requires a sovereign company (or individual) to purchase something, it is automatically bad for the consumer. For instance, National Grid will be forced to purchase wind power, not because it is the best price for electricity, but because the government said so.  The cost of wind power could be (and is) substantially higher than most other sources, but National Grid will be forced and required to buy it from these wind companies (whether they be in Canada or MA).  National Grid will then pass the higher cost of electricity onto the consumers of electricity; you, me, and everyone else.  In short, Haddad is ultimately supporting a massive increase in electricity costs by way of this legislation and her nifty amendment, something the Herald News forgot to mention...
Haddad’s amendment would diversify that renewable energy requirement to include wind power as well.<=Translation:  Haddad will join the crony-capitalist and lead the way of fraudulent  collusion between state government and the wind power industry.
“If we don’t do this, it sends a chilling effect to anyone looking to invest (in wind power),” Haddad told the Editorial Board on Monday. Why should Massachusetts exclusively incentivize hydroelectric power and export all the jobs and economic development associated with the renewable energy requirement to Canada? And, as Haddad pointed out, hydropower alone “puts way too many eggs in one basket.”<=Why should MA taxpayers "incentivize" any company, individual, or method of production?  Why can't Haddad leave production in the hands of capitalism and the free market?  Oh, I forgot, she is a liberal Democrat...
While New Bedford is at the forefront of the offshore wind power effort, Somerset and Bristol County also stand to benefit greatly. Brayton Point’s expected closure would have a devastating effect on our region, both in terms of the lost jobs and associated economic activity and loss to Somerset’s tax base — not to mention the loss of electricity going to the grid. Offshore wind energy could offset that loss and create even more economic activity and jobs across the SouthCoast.<=What the Herald News doesn't mention is who is to blame.  I'll say it for them:  Barack Hussein Obama, the EPA, Marxist Ideologues, environmentalists, and a gaggle of Marxist Beacon Hill politicians like Patricia Haddad.
Haddad sees the existing energy transmission infrastructure at Brayton Point, as well as the shuttered Montaup Power Plant, as the potential linchpin in delivering offshore wind energy into the electric grid. So Haddad is using her legislative influence to push the wind power requirement forward.<=It was only a matter of time before the "legislative influence" tagline entered the picture.  Haddad doesn't like capitalism or freedom or liberty or private property rights, so as all crony capitalist do, they resort to laws, rules, regulations, and big government to require what they, the masterminds of society, demand.  Their Utopia cannot be garnered by a free market, so they must shove it down your throat sideways by way of legislative fiat...
In fact, she said, “If it isn’t put into the bill, it doesn’t make sense to go forward” with the hydropower requirement. Mitchell agreed, saying the bill is “better off dead” without the offshore wind energy component.<=I think it is "better off dead" in any form...
Haddad and Mitchell present a convincing argument for tapping our region’s offshore wind power to fuel our economy. While the cost of producing and delivering offshore wind power is more expensive in the research and development stage, it would be offset by increased jobs and economic development in our own backyard.<=In what world do these people live in?   Where on gods green earth does higher production costs result in increased jobs or increased economic development?  Where?  The opposite is true in a free market economy! But alas, this will be foisted upon humanity by government decree, so increased costs do not matter. At least they admit it will cost more, but that cost will never be offset by jobs or development.  Never!
Furthermore, as Haddad said, New England is at “the end of the pipeline” for every other type of energy. It only makes sense that if we are at “the beginning of the pipeline” of offshore wind energy production, it will pay big dividends in the long term to insulate our region from energy price spikes beyond our control.<=Can I simply say "bullshit" to this paragraph...?
With such vast offshore wind energy potential just off our coastline and the existing infrastructure to deliver this power to the electric grid, Massachusetts would be foolish to leave this “homegrown” energy resource blowing in the wind any longer.<=We are even more foolish reading the biased Herald News Editorial staff opinions and Patricia Haddad's platitudes....
Haddad’s amendment represents the right incentive for offshore wind development at the right time. This legislation deserves the support of the Legislature and Gov. Deval Patrick.<=A shout out to all my fellow Marxists:  Get in line behind this or you will be left outside looking in and cannot partake in all the political shenanigans we'll engage in with our new wind power bedfellows....

Hopefully this translation has been helpful to you...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Beacon Hill Chips Away At Constitutional Rights

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

Those are the words of the 2nd amendment to the United States Constitution as part of the Bill of Rights. They are clear and unambiguous words meant to protect individuals from government infringement of their right to carry fire arms.

Beacon Hill does not care about the 2nd amendment or your sovereign and inalienable rights. 

On July 9, 2014, just fives days after Independence Day, the Massachusetts House passed H4278 by a margin of 112 to 38.  This bill infringes on your inalienable rights to keep and bear arms.  Go here to read the details or here to download the bill text.  This bill now moves to the Senate and then the Governor.  We all know what will happen.  The Senate will approve, the Governor will sign, and individual rights will be further reduced by government.  The liberals never stop chipping away at individual liberty!!

We need to inundate our representatives in the House and Senate to stop this bill from going any further.

Contact Patricia Haddad (D-Somerset) -

Contact Michael Rodrigues (D-Westport) -


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Belief In Nonsense

The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb - Hans Holbein The Younger c.1520-1522
Is it possible to believe that the omnipotent and omniscient creator of the entire universe would personally impregnate a Palestinian virgin in order to facilitate getting his Son into the world as a man?  Is it possible to believe that the same omnipotent and omniscient creator of the entire universe would then allow his innocent Son to be sacrificed and crucified for the sins, crimes, and misdemeanors of the entire human population?  Can you truly say this is a just and good god when he sacrificed one innocent human for the sake of all other guilty humans?  Why wouldn't the omnipotent god cut out the middle man (Christ) and absolve sin by fiat and decree?  Why go through the drama of impregnating Mary (a virgin) to pass your son onto earth only to sacrifice him on the alter of humanity?  What is the point of all this?

How can an otherwise rational person believe such nonsense?


Friday, July 11, 2014

The Height Of Hypocrisy

The winners and losers are picked not by free-market capitalism, but by governmental bureaucrats and corrupt Beacon Hill politicians right here in Southeastern Massachusetts.  

The winners are the so-called renewable energy causes hand picked by environmentalist, energy advocates, energy lobbyists, and corrupt politicians.  They win because the free energy market is summarily trumped by crony-capitalists in the renewable energy sector gaining mandated subsidies and mandated "deals" via the Clean Energy Bill put forth by the Beacon Hill Marxist Gang.  

The losers?  Well, the losers are the consumers of electricity.  That is every human being in Southeastern Massachusetts, of course.  We all lose because the free market is trounced and trampled by a corrupt Clean Energy Bill in the MA House by hypocrite Democrats like Patricia Haddad (D-Somerset) and Anthony Cabral (D-New Bedford); they simply never stop ruling, and regulating, and legislating every aspect of our lives.  We all lose because of all the advocates, lobbyists, and environmental corruption leaders promulgating the pseudo-sciences of global warming and climate change.  We pay the price when our National Grid bill arrives in the mail...

And so, at the height of hypocrisy and a new world record for Somerset's Patricia Haddad, we have this quote in this Herald News pieceHaddad said she fought for the two coal plants for years, “not because I’m so married to fossil fuels,” but because of the tax revenue and jobs the plants meant to her small town.  

Really, Mrs. Haddad?  Have you really fought for Montaup and Brayton Point?  This is obviously a lie, a false statement, an intentional untruth, and a deliberate attempt to deceive her constituents.  It is also a re-writing of history.  Haddad never fought for Montaup or Brayton Point.  She has always been on the side of the Environmental Protection Agency, the environmentalists, the Obama administration, the environmental lobby, and voted "Yes" for the Cap and Trade legislation years ago.  She has always been against Montaup and Brayton Point and sought their closure by her Cap and Trade legislation support.  This is a politician at work with two faces.  One face looks at you and tells you what you want to hear, the other face looks at someone else and says the opposite. 

Don't be fooled...Mrs. Haddad is a nice person, but there are many nice people that lie, engage in hypocrisy, and speak from both sides of their mouths.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

African Americans Will Suffer The Most...

Like most of Barack Hussein Obama's Marxist policies (and all left wing ideologues), illegal immigration and amnesty will hurt African Americans disproportionately more than most other people in America.  Whenever you hear elitist and millionaire politicians like Barack Hussein Obama talk about the "middle class" or "working class" know that they are borrowing their jargon from the Communist Manifesto to cause resentment and hatred among groups of people.  It is "divide and conquer" by viciously pitting one "class" against another "class" by way of baiting, resentment, and jealously.  Barack Hussein Obama is the master of this political method of governing.

There are no 'classes' in America.  There is no 'middle class'.  That is a fantasy and figment of your imagination.  You are not in a 'class' nor should you want to be in a 'class'.  You are a sovereign individual with a rational brain, a body, and a conscience with inalienable rights and freedoms.  America is comprised of these sovereign individuals like yourself of all types and kinds, all colors and creeds.  Many were born here and many came here legally with due process and did not stampede across a porous border...

How about this The Right Scoop article where Bernadette Lancelin (an African American woman) is very upset that the unaccompanied minors flooding across the border aren’t being sent back home:
It’s not right. Now billions of dollars want to be borrowed from the White House to help feed and house them. 
What about the kids here? In our neighborhood? In our country? Not just in this neighborhood but in our country. 
All these kids? Really? Why can’t they go back? 
I’m sorry that their parents are in poor living conditions or surroundings or whatever’s going on out there. I don’t care. 
I care about what’s going on right here in my own back yard, my neighborhood. 
Am i the only one in this community that’s out here that watches the news this morning. Oh, my god! I feel alone right now this this, and I’m very saddened by it.
How about this from The Gateway Pundit where a group of black Americans spoke out in support of protecting women and children in America BEFORE worrying about the rest of the world. This occurred at the Murrieta California Border Patrol Station on July 4th, 2014.
“If somebody brought six children to your house and you ain’t got no job, are you going to take them in?… Are you going to try to find out where they came from? Are you going to try to send them back?… What are we going to do for the people who are here who are starving already?… Why would we add to the problem?”
 “It’s just too much. We already got starvation, kids walking without with no shoes. We are already taking that on in America. We don’t need other people’s kids to bring more problems.”
Finally, please read this National Review Online article which accurately points out that black Americans will be the most negatively impacted by Barack Hussein Obama's illegal amnesty policies.

You don't have to be smart to realize Obama's illegal immigration policies are simply meant to breed race warfare in America.  Marxists like Obama desire revolution from within and he cannot further his fundamental transformation of America without a revolution.  Race baiting, class warfare, resentment, and jealously are the tools of Marxists like Obama to bring about the desired change and revolution...toward the Utopia the Communists desire, or hell on earth (the reality).