Sunday, August 31, 2014

Al Gore and Environmental Statism

Just like there are race baiters and charlatans like Al Sharpton, there are environmental baiters and charlatans like Al Gore.  The scam artist Al Gore has been peddling global warming and climate change for many years now.  He has created hype and fear mongering around a science that has absolutely no science to it (a pseudo-science).  Al Gore is the poster child for environmental Statism and a big contributor to the demise of America's electrical power industry.  The world awarded this charlatan the Nobel Peace Prize for his fear mongering and alarmist diatribes on climate change and global warming.  Consider what he said in 2007:

Juxtapose reality today:  Stunning satellite images show the summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7 million square kilometers more than 2 years ago...despite Al Gore's prediction it would be ice-free by now!  To put it another way, an area the size of Alaska, America’s biggest state, was open water two years ago, but is again now covered by ice. Read all about it here.  Al Gore is a liar, plain and simple.

The global warming, climate change environmentalists do not have science on their side. They have never had science on their side.  There is no proof the earth is warming, in fact it may be cooling.  There is no proof there is any climate change due to environmental or man-made factors. Real science and real scientists see no cause and effect, no causality between carbon dioxide emissions and warming of the earth.  Empirical evidence shows no correlation and shows no "cause" and no "effect" between the two items.  It is a hoax!  It is a scam!

The hoax and scam is promulgated by charlatans like Al Gore and the left media.  The hoax and scam is promulgated by government funded "scientists" (term used loosely) for one reason and one reason only...POWER AND CONTROL.  Power to act on the "threat" via more government, more legislation, more regulation.  Power to consume more and take over corporations and industries in the name of false "green initiatives" and curbing "climate change" and "global warming".  It is only a POWER GRAB by government to become bigger and consume more and control every aspect of your individual freedom and liberty.  It is Marxism and Statism at its core for government power and control.  Government seeking more and more and more power over you via fake science and lies...

And this is why Brayton Point is closing forever and Somerset is ruined forever...


Friday, August 29, 2014

Somerset's Economic Develoment Committee

What, exactly, is the Somerset Economic Development Committee doing?  I understand their goal is to improve the economic condition of Somerset residents and businesses and to enhance the community’s quality of life as a whole.  They also state the committee "will do this by attracting new businesses and industry, by retaining and making it convenient to expand existing businesses and industry, and by improving business conditions that enhance entrepreneurial activity. It will also recognize those individuals and businesses who have contributed to the community by making it a better place to live."  

Got it...lofty, broad, ambiguous goals with upwards of 15 dedicated people working on them in one form or another.

But, what does that mean and what are they actually doing to accomplish these lofty goals? Perhaps I could attend a meeting, but who really has time for that?  I read The Herald News and The Spectator articles about what they are doing, but I never quite understand their accomplishments.  I went to the and read through their meeting minutes and action list, but again, I'm not understanding what they are doing or if they have accomplished anything....

I do understand one thing from their meeting minutes.  They spend an inordinate amount of time talking about bogus "clean energy" initiatives for properties they do not own (e.g. Brayton Point and Montaup).  One thing is clear, the Chairman and the Committee buys into this clean energy, climate change, global warming, environmental pseudo-science nonsense. These beliefs will ultimately get in the way of all their collective efforts to better this town in any measurable way.

Opening 100 or even 200 new businesses in Somerset (if that is even possible) will not equal half of the tax revenue lost from Brayton Point.  There is not likely going to be any significant development of Route 6 or Route 138.  There is limited space and Somerset is not an attractive place for businesses to open and thrive.  Look around town folks, businesses look gloomy and unattractive.  Buildings are dilapidated along Route 6 and Route 138.  Many businesses are an eyesore.  That is not going to attract new businesses to this town. Homeowners are starting to flee.  For Sale signs are up in droves in Somerset.  Home values are dropping as a result.  

There is an exodus of homeowners, residents, and businesses.  There is not going to be any economic boom or development in Somerset.  In fact, this town is shrinking and collapsing and deflating on a daily basis.  Sixteen dedicated people can meet in a room once/month, but that will not change the fact that Somerset is on a trajectory of substantial decline.  

Why can't you see that it is the ideology of Statism that is causing this destruction?


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Racists, Bigots, and Charlatans

Finally, all those race baiters, charlatans, and community organizers are out of the limelight for now.  You know who I'm talking about:  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Louis Farrakhan and their racist ilk.  A race baiter (per the urban dictionary) is one who insinuates that racism or bigotry is a dominant factor with regards to an event that either does not involve race or in which diverse cultures are involved are simply a minor element.  

These are the charlatans that promote bigotry, racism, and antisemitism whenever a darker skin person is a "victim" of a lighter skinned person (a lighter skinned person can never be the "victim" of a darker skinned person).  They utilize the left-wing media in their promotion of bigotry to make it "appear" that the lighter skinned person is racist and the darker skinned "victim" is a hero and saint (e.g. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin).  Of course, your CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS all join in the racism with non-stop coverage of the "Racism in Ferguson".  These charlatans promote the looting and lawlessness to make their racist points!

The preemptive conclusion always reached by these bigots is that "white America" is to blame for everything gone wrong in the "black community" and the "white man" must pay dearly. Consider what the eminent racist Louis Farrakhan said (watch the video link to get the full racist picture of his speech):
"With 67 percent of black people you have to live under a white mayor with 67 percent white people you cant make the laws that govern that town. Now if that's the condition let me set the stage for Michael Brown. See I don't know about the store they say he strong armed somebody and took some cigars but I know this, coming to Chicago ... when you live in the hood you don't control no economy so you have Arab store owners that don't give a damn about you and have no respect for you. You got Korean, you got Chinese, you got other people taking the money out but not giving a damn thing to this community. I imagine that blacks under those conditions suffer everyday."
Speaking about Ferguson, Farrakhan said, "That town is a microcosm of whats going on all over the country. Black men are being shot down but the courts don't give us justice."
Is there racism in America?  Of course.  This is not a perfect society and a non racist society will never exist.  There is racism just like there is robbery, burglary, rape, and murder.  We do not live in a Utopia where racism does not exist.  But to promote racism and promote bigotry like Al Sharpton does sickens the stomach and nauseates the spirit...


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Illegal Climate Change "Accord"

It does not matter if Dynergy, Inc. or Energy Capital Partners or Dominion owns Brayton Point, the plant will likely remain closed forever.  Barack Hussein Obama is pursuing a United Nations "accord" to significantly reduce carbon emissions.  It is not a treaty, it is an accord (agreement) which illegally sidesteps Congressional ratification requirements under the United States Constitution.  This"accord" will put the nail in the coffin for many coal-fired power plants in the United States.  It is another example of this lawless president usurping his authority and bypassing Congress to implement this phony climate change agenda.  This pseudo-science, which has morphed into a massive economy killer, is a relentless attack on free market capitalism by Marxist and Socialist.

Somerset is one victim of this lawless president, but there are many other towns and states also reeling.  Montaup is closed and Brayton Point will soon follow.  Somerset will garner $15M less in tax revenue per year and will never recover financially from these Marxist policies.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Somerset Cannot Afford This New School

There is no doubt about it, the brand new Somerset Berkley Regional High School is stunningly beautiful.  It is a gem of public schools in Southeastern Massachusetts. The aesthetics and usefulness are second to none.

But can Somerset and Berkley taxpayers afford the price tag?  

Yes, $50M of the $83M price was paid by the MSBA (via the one cent sales tax set aside).  It was touted yesterday that the building was completed "on time and on budget."  We know it was on time, but are we all certain the project is still on budget?  As I understand it, there were many, many, many additions and amenities (millions worth) added during the building process that were not accounted for in the original agreed price.  Hopefully those are just vile rumors....but if true, this project was not "on budget" and a big surprise is coming in the near future.  Time will tell...

But, my original question still looms.  Can Somerset and Berkley taxpayers afford the price tag?  I don't know much about Berkley's tax base, but Somerset's financial situation (as it stands today) is utterly dire.  Somerset cannot afford the school in my humble opinion. Somerset's tax base is shrinking rapidly by millions of dollars.  There is a massive revenue shortfall now and for the foreseeable future.  Property taxes have been skyrocketing without accounting for the new school.  Now that this new school is in the expenditure column, property taxes will be severely cost prohibitive for many Somerset residents.  We simply cannot afford the new school due to upside down revenue to expense ratios.  

You can sit there thinking all is well because Joe Kennedy, Steve Grossman, Jack McCarthy, and all the other smiling politicians said so.  But all is not well and you know it.  Somerset is heading for bankruptcy because of this new expensive school and for many other reasons...


Monday, August 25, 2014

Save Somerset Coalition Missed the Boat

It appears the Save Somerset Coalition for Clean Air crowd missed the boat again.  This was their shot at purchasing Brayton Point so they can convert it into a sunflower farm, skateboard park, or a nice green pasture.  Opportunity missed again! 

Instead, a huge (a.k.a. 'evil') power company will purchase Brayton Point, but has already announced and confirmed plans to shutter the facility in 2017 (at least for now). Dynergy, Inc. will scoop up Brayton Point and use the 1500 MW plant to manipulate the electricity pricing market by cornering and monopolizing 26,000 MW of electricity generating capacity:
Dynegy Inc. (NYSE:DYN) has signed two separate definitive sets of agreements to acquire the ownership interests in certain Midwest generation assets from Duke Energy and EquiPower Resources Corp and Brayton Point Holdings, LLC from ECP. The Duke portfolio includes its retail business and ownership interests in the following plants: Killen, Stuart, Conesville, Miami Fort, Zimmer, Hanging Rock, Washington, Fayette, Lee and Dicks Creek. The ECP assets include these generating facilities: Milford, Lake Road, Dighton, Masspower, Liberty,Elwood, Richland, Stryker, Kincaid and Brayton Point. Upon closing both transactions, Dynegy will own nearly 26,000 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity nationally and provide retail electricity to residents and businesses in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
It is too bad the Save Somerset Coalition for Clean Air missed their chance at buying Brayton Point so they could actually carry out their lofty green plans for the facility:  A vegan restaurant and boardwalk, a wind/solar farm, a skateboard park, or a nice green pasture overlooking the bay!  All those great revenue ideas down the drain again!  Instead, it slipped through the cracks and back into the hands of another "evil" power conglomerate!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

You Must Kill Them

The United States should take some lessons from the Soviet era KGB on how to deal with terrorists like Al-Qaeda, Hamas, ISIS, and Hezbollah.  The KGB didn't talk, they didn't negotiate, they didn't pay ransom, and they didn't "swap prisoners".  The KGB simply took action, ruthless action.  Back in 1985 four attaches from the Soviet embassy were kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanon by Islamic extremists (i.e. Hezbollah).  There were some talks to get them back, but one of the hostages was executed.

At that point, negotiations ceased.  About four weeks later the remaining three hostages were returned unharmed!

How did the Soviets get there three other comrades back?  It was turned over to the ruthless KGB.  No more talk, no more negotiations, let the KGB do what they do best.  The KGB summarily kidnapped a man they knew to be a close relative of a prominent Hezbollah leader.  The KGB then severed the man's penis and sent the penis to the Hezbollah official. The KGB then killed the man with a bullet in the brain telling Hezbollah the KGB knows the identities and whereabouts of all their close relatives.  The message was clear, return the three Soviets or the KGB will kidnap and execute their relatives and send their body parts to their Hezbollah kin.  Message received by Hezbollah...all three remaining hostages were freed.

My point is, talking, negotiating, swapping prisoners, paying off terrorists does not work. Obama recently swapped five high ranking terrorists for one army deserter (illegally, I might add).  France and Spain has paid millions of dollars in ransom money to get their prisoners back, only to have more kidnappings.

The United States must become ruthless, merciless, and cruel.  No more talking.  We need to speak the language of terrorists...death and destruction.  The only way to deal with terrorists is the kill them...


Friday, August 22, 2014

Brayton Point Sold Again...

As you know, Brayton Point was allegedly sold by Dominion Energy to Energy Capital Partners in 2013, though there was no legal deed filed with the Bristol Country Registry of Deeds proving the sale actually occurred (feel free to check yourself since I'm no deed expert). 

Now comes word that Energy Capital Partners has agreed to sell Brayton Point to Dynergy, Inc. in a $6.25 billion deal involving other power plants.  This deal will close sometime in early 2015.  Per the Herald News, Dynergy will continue with plans to close and decommission Brayton Point on May 31, 2017 with no immediate plans to keep the plant open!

This is an strange and unbelievable turn of events!

I note there is no legal deed filed with the Bristol Country Registry of Deeds pertaining to the sale of Brayton Point by Dominion to Energy Capital Partners.  There is no proof the plant was ever sold by Dominion in 2013 or at any other time!  Energy Capital Partners then announced it would close and decommission Brayton Point in 2017 (setting Somerset into a tax revenue tailspin).  Now Energy Capital Partners announces they are selling Brayton Point to another company, who readily admits they have no intention to run the plant in the future.

I have to say this all makes little to no sense to me.  I wonder what is really going on here behind the scenes.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

World War III, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda

September 11, 2001 marked the beginning of World War III in my mind.  You are living through the war right now.  This is not like past wars, especially past world wars.  No, this war is different.  The enemy isn't wearing a uniform, doesn't have a plane or ship marked with the country flag, does not march in step, and exists in every nook and cranny of the globe.  The enemy is more fierce, more bloodthirsty, more savage than any other fighting force in history.  This world war was launched by Al-Qaeda on 9/11 and it shall consume the world for at least the next 100 years.  It is unclear who the victor will be...

Right now, ISIS has attracted an estimated 12,000 foreign fighters, including hundreds of Americans. There are more ISIS fighters from Great Britain as there are soldiers for the British empire itself.  Their fighting force is brutal, barbaric, and vicious.  They have taken over parts of Syria and a big part of Iraq.  They stand poised to take over Jordan and then Israel.  They rape, behead, crucify, and bury alive those in their way.  Savagery is the point of terrorism.

There is strong evidence this group is in close contact with Mexican drug cartels.  America's southern border is a gaping hole where so-called amnesty dreamers are pouring into America by the tens of thousands, dreaming of their take-over of the United States of America.  ISIS and Al-Qaeda know our southern border is open and have already arrived. They will sit and wait for their orders to terrorize America from within.

The question is not if America will be struck by terrorism, but when.  This is World War III and the enemy has not surrendered.  They can strike and they will strike.  They are gaining strength and momentum.  They are here already, walking our streets, drinking coffee in our Starbucks, and organizing the most vicious and savage strike on American soil in history. This is World War III....

What has our President done?  A few reactive and peace meal air strikes, a few prepared speeches, a few Democratic fundraisers, and about 10 rounds of golf on Martha's Vineyard. Leadership is nonexistent with this President and this Congress.  And with that feckless leadership, the world is aimless and stupefied to confront the dangerous threat.  ISIS and Al-Qaeda know this and are taking full advantage.  Our enemy is awake while we sleep....

It is unclear who the victor will be...


109,631,000 on Welfare!!

You try to do everything right.  You have a job, you have a family, you go to work everyday, you work hard to provide for yourself and your family.  You are participating in the American dream of working hard and providing for your family!  You have a house and pay your taxes and even give to charity.  You even try to save for your own future retirement!  

Little did you know you were providing all these things for everyone else's family too...not by choice, but by force...

109,631,000 people in America are taking from you via welfare handouts!  That is 35.4% of the 309,467,000 people that live in the United States!  So as you toil day-in and day-out to provide for your family, don't forget you are toiling for all the moochers and lazy people too. All the lay-a-bouts with their hands extended, you are paying for them too...

Oh, and when you factor in social security and medicaid takers, the number of welfare recipients balloons to 150,026,000 or 48.5% of the population!  That is more than the total population of Russia!  The welfare-takers outnumbered full-time year-round workers by 6,544,000.  You can read all about it here.

Your decadent altruism, your immoral Christianity has been used against you (and me). Your New Deal and Square Deal and War on Poverty and Safety Nets have combined to shoot you from behind. Those takers are counting on you and your family to take care of them from cradle to grave. Their hands are out demanding their "fair share" while their other hand is in your pocket taking your wallet.  It is all legalized theft, legalized robbery!  

You have no choice and no free will to not participate in the welfare ponzi scheme.  You either exist for the sake of others or you shall perish as well...

You must live for your must be your brother's the barrel of the government's gun.  That is TYRANNY!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Death And Destruction Like Never Before?

This Islamic State (IS or ISIS or ISIL) is barbaric and savage!  Beheading an innocent man (photojournalist James Wright Foley)  in the name of Allah, that fictitious fairy in the sky.  They are also threatening another innocent man (missing journalist Steven Joel Sotloff) with the same fate. It is a "message to America" they are claiming to send!

What are we to do?  Does the United States just stand by and watch this gruesome savagery?  Is that what we are supposed to do?  Are we just hoping this IS will just go away all by itself?  Are we that stupid?

Perhaps we should unleash America's military might and rain down upon this IS like the world has never seen before.  An unannounced bombardment of force unleashed upon IS in both Syria and Iraq.  Unrelenting carpet bombing for the next 100 days, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Never ever stopping, explosion after explosion, death and destruction like never seen before for 100 days straight.  Islamic terrorist deaths in the hundreds of thousands, bodies burnt and unrecognizable, smoke, air smells of burning flesh, cities destroyed, smoke seen from space.  Islamic terrorists flesh burning, charred for Allah!  Bomb houses, streets, Mosques, everywhere, no where to hide for the cockroaches of humanity! 100 days and then another 100 days and then another....we will never stop until every single Muslim terrorists is blown to pieces in front of their fairy Allah!  Unrelenting and determined bombing to cause massive, catastrophic destruction in Syria and Iraq with death tolls raising eyebrows and making the world cower and cry!  The United Nations will beg us to stop, but it will never end until every last cockroach is burned, extinguished, and in pieces across the Middle East...

Or perhaps we should do nothing. Just wait an see. Hope they just go away. We do a few
"precision strikes" and hope that it is enough. Let's all just "hope and pray" IS just goes away....


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Altruism By Way Of Statism

A bit of an email debate brewed between co-workers.  Of course the topic was politics and the typical "party lines" were drawn.  The debate was about income equality and the disparity of executive pay.  A comment was made "The more you reach for Utopia, the further away it gets…." to which a reply was made "Or does it get further away as special interest groups and extreme politicians drive a deeper wedge between Americans and while doing so, the interests of the Middle Class forgotten?"  

"You mean like when Nancy Pelosi steers more than a billion in subsidies to a light rail project that benefited a company run by a high-dollar Democratic donor and in which her husband is a major investor? --  Nancy Pelosi Cronyism  That sort of extreme politician and special interest group?  Is that what you are talking about?  If so, I agree….There is no class system in America (there is no ‘middle class’).  That is just more Marxist and Socialist propaganda from the left meant to divide and cause resentment among people…."

And, of course, trenches were dug deeper:  "I was actually talking about extreme politics from both sides.  Unfortunately, too many people believe only the other side has an “extreme side,” which is the biggest part of the problem.  Each side needs to realize the problems with their side of the table before we are going to make real progress.  It is easy to always blame the other side for all the problems.  A real problem solver will start with the issues from within."

So it came to an end with both sides retreating back to their normal positions.  

So who are "the extreme politicians" he speaks of?  On the Democrat side it is Harry Reid, Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Chuck Shumer, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry just to name a few.  On the Republican side I would say John Boehner,  Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush (basically all the establishment Republicans).  

Here is how it works:  the "extreme Democrats" always hold the party line, never acquiesce, never compromise, and never negotiate (e.g. Harry Reid's Senate and Barack Obama's Presidency).  The "extreme Republicans", on the other hand, always compromise, always acquiesce, and always meet halfway (or 3/4 of the way).  Thus, the extreme Democrats mostly get their way because the extreme Republicans have no spine and no position and no philosophy.  They surrender before the battle begins.  This is because they all fundamentally believe in the same guiding principle, namely, Altruism by way of Statism.

The curse here is everyone believes in the same philosophy of Altruism thereby leading one to force Altruism upon all by way of Statism.  Humans are not naturally altruistic, so the State steps in and forces them to be altruistic.  It is the Modern Christian that bears responsibility for the chasm noted.  Until we shake off this antithetical-to-life belief system, we will be hopelessly divided.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

It Is For The Children!

The Town of Somerset cordially requests your presence in November to cover and negate the K-8 school department's fiscal incompetence and ineptitude.  

They want you to come as a idiotic herd, all dumb and chewing the cud, and give them another $400,000-$500,000.  Why?  Because they over-drafted the checking account again.  No, I mean why did they overspend again?  Oh, never mind your stupid questions. They just overspent again, just like last year.  No reasons given. You are not entitled to answers.  Just fork over the money, don't ask questions, and keep paying your taxes.  

The K-8 school department is in the nasty habit of check kiting now.  Last year, it was roughly $300,000, this year it is another $400,000-$500,000.  No need to follow budgets or have any fiscal responsibility to the town taxpayer.  Just spend, spend, spend, spend and then guilt the taxpayers into appropriations later.  It is for the children!  How dare you question what we are doing with your tax dollars!  Shame on you!  Don't you like kids?   Well then, open up your freaking check book and fork over more money.  We'll tell you when we've got enough money!   Just keep making withdrawals from the stabilization account and we'll let you know when we have enough money.  It is for the dare you question us!!!!!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Militaristic Police

I came across this thoughtful blog post on Armstrong Economics:
boston_policePart of the war cycle is just the general feeling or attitude that shifts due to economics. We seem to be headed for such a fateful turn. The police domestically have turned militaristic. This is a very serious issue far beyond what most people would even guess. It tends to show the changing attitudes within society. Couple this with Obama who seems to think he was elected to start a war. We are approaching a serious turning point that may reshape the world as did 1932 following the economic trend of the Great Depression. 
The year 1932 saw Mao come to power in China. In Germany, Hitler came to power. FDR came to power in the United States. Even in Japan, the seeds of war were planted with the May 15 Incident, in which Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai was assassinated by young military officers in an attempted coup. The killing spread fear among Japan’s liberal politicians and strengthened the militarists, who eventually led the country into the catastrophic Pacific War. 
1932, which was also the low in the markets from 1929, was linked to 2007 for this was 8.6 years squared. The year 2007 began the changing process and we should be looking ahead now at 2017 where the war cycle will turn upward.
We are witnessing the collapse democracy or to put it in the proper perspective – the right of the people to vote even in a republic. Europe is hell-bent on removing any democratic process because Brussels believes they know best and the people are just too stupid to know what is best for them. 
So 2007 market the beginning of shift in attitude. Even liquidity has not recovered.
I recall the Somerset Police Department's show of force a few years ago prior to the Brayton Point protests.  Officers in our small town were militarized with extreme riot gear to take on the earthy-crunchy and peaceful protesters (albeit trespassers).  Remember the below picture?  I never realized at the time that our small town of Somerset had a militarized police department that is ready for overwhelming urban combat....

Are we at the turning point?  Is martial law just around the corner?