Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Systematically Dismantling Obama

I thought I'd share a really great article in National Review by Victor Davis Hanson.  

After nearly one year as President, one must look honestly at the accomplishments of Donald J. Trump.  This is even more important now since, in year one, Trump has been demonized in a manner unprecedented in American politics.  Ninety percent of all mainstream media coverage of Trump and Trump's policies has been negative.  Sometimes I disagree with Trump, his policies, and his method of delivering information to Americans and the world, yet I must be honest about his incredible accomplishments in less than one year as President of the United States.  

I am certainly thrilled that Trump is systematically undoing everything done by his anti-Semitic-Muslim-Marxist predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, piece by piece.  It makes me very happy that Trump is undoing Obama's anti-America legacy.  I am even more happy that Hillary Clinton lost!  Where would we be as a country had Hillary Clinton won?  Further down the road towards European-style socialism or worse.

Read the below article!

Trump is commonsensically undoing, piece by piece, the main components of Obama’s legacy.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Fraudulent News Organizations

The above media outlets are fraudulent news organizations.  They represent the so-called mainstream media where most Americans get their 'news' and they are all proven to be fraudulent.  They are certainly not the only fraudulent news organizations, but they are the most influential news organizations that generate and manufacture propaganda on behalf of the government and other powerful societal interests.

These news organizations serve and propagandize on behalf of the powerful societal interests that control and finance them.  They all have political agendas and principals that they want to advance and they are well positioned to shape and constrain media policy and information.  They all serve to communicate messages and symbols to the general populace.  They amuse, entertain, and inform, but most often they inculcate and indoctrinate individuals with values, beliefs, and codes of behavior that will integrate them into the political and institutional structures of society.  To fulfill this role on behalf of government and society requires systematic propaganda, manipulation, lies, and outright bias.  

These news organizations fix the premises of discussion, discourse, and interpretation.  They decide what is newsworthy and what is not.  They explain news based on their own interpretations which is laden with bias and prejudice of their own political agendas.  News is a continuous propaganda campaign with a clear pattern of manipulation and systematic bias.

The mainstream media in America is a great example of the will to power, that basic will of all living organisms to gain and expand power at the expense of weaker organisms.  The power that is willed is political power.  The power that is willed is governmental power.  The weaker organisms are the herd-like Americans tuning in or reading the paper and believing the propaganda, the systematic bias, and the lies.   It is all fake news and these organizations are now so powerful that Americans internalize the lies largely without any awareness.  

Without knowing it, Americans are indoctrinated and inculcated to defend the economic, social, and political agendas of their media masters that dominate them and society.  The media serve this dominion over you by carefully selecting newsworthy topics, framing the issues for presentation, keeping debate within the bounds of their acceptable premises, filtering and manipulating information, and only presenting opinions within the scope of their political bias.  It is systematic propaganda and it is fake news.

We all should have a police mistrust and skepticism of the mainstream media.  To think otherwise is to be part of the idiotic mooing herd of Americans being led around by a nose ring.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Obama's Criminal Enterprise Exposed

Here is what we know (so far) about the Obama Administration's criminality and malfeasance during the 2016 Presidential election:

Obama’s nefarious political operatives within the Department of Justice and the Intelligence Community were using a United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court FISA warrant [under 702(17)] to initiate surveillance that would spy on the email and phone communications of Donald J. Trump, the Trump campaign, and Trump world.  The unit worked in coordination with the FBI Counterintelligence Unit.  The FBI Counterintelligence Unit was monitoring Donald Trump through FISA [702(17)] upstream surveillance collected illegally by a Department of Justice National Security Division that had no oversight.   The information the Federal Bureau of Investigation collected, and the stuff Fusion GPS was "creating" or "manufacturing" via Christopher Steele (a fake dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton; ironically created in collusion with the Russian Government), was used to manufacture the absolutely bogus Russian Narrative and also to manipulate the court into giving them a United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant (i.e. “The Insurance Policy” Clinton/Obama needed against Trump in the event Trump won the election).  This is what Devin Nunes discovered when he looked at the “unmasking requests” which were a result of those United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court [702(17)] FISA collections (spying) on Trump world. 

To stop the illegal surveillance activity, NSA Director Mike Rogers initiated a full 702 compliance review.  Before the review was complete Obama had enough information for their unlawful FISA warrant which worked retroactively to make the prior FBI surveillance (began in July, 2016 per James Comey) lawful. Rogers stopped the process on October 26, 2016.  As a result of his not going along, Rogers became a risk; James Clapper demanded he be fired (that same James Clapper who is currently on CNN day and night trashing Trump).  Then, during the transition, illegal unmasking of names occurred and leaked to the mainstream media illegally.

Ten days after the election (November 17, 2016), Admiral Mike Rogers travels to Trump Tower without telling James Clapper. Rogers likely informs President-elect Trump of the prior illegal surveillance activity by the FBI and DOJ, including the probability that all of Trump Tower’s email and phone communication were being collected by the government.  The transition team was set up in Trump Tower. The very next day, November 18, 2016, Trump moves the entire transition team to Bedminister, New Jersey to curtail the illegal surveillance.

--  And somehow Donald Trump is under investigation in the phony Russian collusion narrative which was manufactured by Obama and Clinton?  

--  And somehow Robert Mueller is investigating Donald Trump using a team of Clinton lawyers and Clinton supporters to prosecute Trump?

--  And somehow Barack Hussein Obama and the Obama Administration are not under investigation -- for anything?

--  And somehow Hillary Clinton was cleared of any and all wrongdoing in the email/server espionage scandal by James Comey, who is now known to be a political operative of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party?

--  And somehow the Democrats and the mainstream media (one in the same) have no issues with the United States government illegally spying on private American citizens solely for the purpose of political gains?

Imagine now what we would know if Donald Trump lost the election to Hillary Clinton.  We'd know nothing and they'd all get away with these crimes.

As it stands now, nearly everyone in the above photo (including Obama) committed treasonous crimes and should be in federal prison for the remainder of their natural lives (Clinton especially).  Somehow they are all above the law.

Tell me again how you believe in the legitimacy of American democracy?  Are we not the autonomous herd being led around by our noses by a tyrannical government and a corrupt media apparatus?  How can you maintain your belief in this constitutional government and democracy when the autonomous herd stupidly elects criminals like Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office and nearly elected Hillary Clinton?

We no longer live in a constitutional republic.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Another Wonderful Speech by Trump

Juxtapose this incredible speech by Donald Trump with the prior antisemitic Muslim that was his predecessor:

After watching the above video read about how Obama (an antisemitic Muslim President who hated America) sold out America to the Nazi/fascistic regime in Iran:

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

How much more proof would one need to realize Obama hated America and Obama hated Americans?


Friday, December 8, 2017

A Constitutional Crisis

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton campaign paid a law firm, who then paid Fusion GPS, who then paid Christopher Steele, who then paid the Russians to put together a falsified, nefarious, and fake 'dossier' on Donald J. Trump.  

This fake dossier was then leaked to the press and turned over to the Obama Administration's Justice Department and the FBI for further 'action'.  The FBI used that fake and phony dossier obtained as “opposition research” by Clinton and the DNC to gain widespread FISA warrants on Trump World to spy on Trump World during the 2016 campaign.  The FISA warrant information was then utilized by the Obama Administration to unmask the names of the American targets and then they were illegally leaked to the press.  They were also circulated throughout the intelligence agencies of the United States (CIA, NSA, etc.).  The guy leading this Trump World investigation at the FBI (Peter Strzok) is a Clinton supporter who also led the investigation at the FBI into Hillary Clinton's email/server espionage investigation!  Strzok was responsible for clearing Hillary Clinton of all wrongdoing in that case.  That same guy got the FISA warrant on Trump World (using the fake dossier generated by Clinton and the DNC) AND ‘investigated’ and cleared Hillary Clinton of all wrongdoing in the email/server espionage case during the 2016 campaign.  Can you believe that?

This is truly the most Orwellian story.  It proves the FBI and the Justice Department to be corrupt at the highest levels.  It proves collusion of the DNC/Clinton with Russian foreign agents (multiple Logan Act violations).  It proves Obama’s corruption at the highest of all possible levels.  It proves Obama allowed Clinton to use the FBI to investigate Trump World during a presidential campaign, thereby 'weaponizing' the federal government in service to the DNC and the Clinton campaign.  It proves the United States is in a post-constitutional era devoid of equal justice under the law or even due process under the law.  

This is a constitutional crisis by definition!  We are witnessing a constitutional crisis, the likes of which has never been witnessed in America's 241 year history.

And yet it is Donald J. Trump who is under an 'impeachment investigation' by special counsel Robert Mueller?  Robert Mueller has hired Clinton supporters and Trump haters to man his corrupt investigation.

Why isn’t Jeff Sessions ordering a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton campaign, Clinton's email/server espionage, Clinton's collusion with Russia, and all of Clinton's corrupt dealings as Secretary of State under Obama?  

If Trump wants to be able to finish his first term, he must fire Robert Mueller now and order Jeff Sessions to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Why are the Republicans so feckless?  

Answer:  Because they are in on it; they are the Swamp and the Deep State as much as the Democrats are the Swamp and the Deep State.  

The goal here is to impeach Trump by any and all means possible in order to protect the Deep State and the status quo.  The Republicans are in on it as much as the Democrats are in on it!  This charade is our constitutional crisis...


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Somerset's Drunk Incoherent Goofball

Somerset's own drunken, inarticulate, alcoholic goofball is out holding a sign that states "TRUMP MUST GO!" at the corner of Read Street and Hot and Cold Lane.  Here is a picture of this guy from the Herald News:

This guy has a really low IQ and is filled with incoherent and nonsensical opinions about nearly everything.  If you've ever been to a Planning Board meeting, you'll know that this man is as dumb as a box of hammers.  Hard to believe anyone would elect this guy to anything, but Somerset voters have a long history of installing the least qualified and most inarticulate people to elected positions.  Certainly, this guy is one of many drunken, incoherent goofballs elected in Somerset.

Here is the Herald News article on why he resigned from the Planning Board and why he is protesting Trump (don't let the door hit you on the ass, John):

Somerset Planning Board member resigns to give ‘Trump must go!’ message

Just a friendly reminder that this same inarticulate clown drove around drunk in Somerset, MA as documented in the Herald News 10/27/2008:

John Toulan arrested for marked lanes violation and operating under the influence of alcohol.

You voted for him Somerset!  Despite the fact he is ignorant and dumb as he drives around drunk endangering the public and your kids and grand kids!  Toulan is a menace to society not just because of his drunk driving history, but because he is a stupid, stupid man.

Make sure to give him the middle finger when you see his dumb ass out there in Somerset and tell him to go f--- himself! 


Monday, December 4, 2017

Coup d'état

America is getting closer and closer to the Democrat Party and the Republican Party (a.k.a. The Swamp, The Uni-Party of Statists, The Deep State, etc.) nullifying the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump.  

As I've have said numerous times before, this is a coup d'état against Trump.

Robert Mueller was selected by The Swamp to build a case against Trump so that Trump is impeached or is forced to resign.  Mueller's investigation as special prosecutor is an impeachment investigation, it has always been an impeachment investigation. 

Guilty pleas from four star General Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos and indicting Paul Manafort and his associate are just Mueller building the impeachment case against Trump one step at a time.  

In the end, Mueller will make a case that Trump himself obstructed the FBI's investigation into the pseudo Russia collusion story and therefore obstructed justice.  As we have seen with Richard Nixon and William "BJ" Clinton, obstruction of justice could be construed to be a "high crime and misdemeanor" triggering the impeachment of Trump.  

This is the real danger to Donald J. Trump and his presidency:  A conclusion by Robert Mueller that Trump obstructed the FBI's investigation into the false Russia collusion narrative.

And, of course, the endless high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Barack Hussein Obama, his eminently corrupt administration, and Hillary Clinton are ignored.

This begs two question:  1. Is there any justice in America? and 2. Do we still live in a constitutional republic?  I think you know where I stand on those questions and it is time you decide where you stand with respect to these two questions.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This Tawdry Human Tale

At some point, most people are confronted by a bleak doctrine that proclaims that mankind is not at home in the world but thrown into it, that he has no divine father and is abandoned to a life of despair, anxiety, and failure that will end in certain death, with nothing after that.  Really, it is the realization that there is no God, no divine purpose, no soul, and no immortality.

Some move to fables of the God delusion to help cope with certain death and nothing after that.  Some are able to face reality without excuses and illusions; without blind faith in immortality.  Some are able to find some beauty, though no cosmic purpose, in this tawdry human tale that begins and ends with nonexistence.  

There is something of this latter view that deeply appeals to me and also appealed to William Shakespeare when he wrote in Macbeth:

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.  (V, v)

Shakespeare was no Christian and was no believer in God.  He was certainly a man who celebrated love and intimacy and sex, but not hope or faith.  The individual, self-sufficiency, and Faust's striving is all that really matters at the end of this human journey lived upon this earth.  What more could there be?  Our little life, this insubstantial pageant, is rounded with a sleep as Shakespeare tells us in his last play, The Tempest:

...like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve;
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.  (IV, i)

I, too, celebrate the riches of a world without God; that greatest recent event that God is dead.  I admit the modern world is a vast wasteland, but we all know the world has never been, and surely never will be, a flower garden or Eden.  Life has its share of despair, anxiety, and failures and we all know it ends in certain death.  It is what we make of it and what we do while we are alive that matters most. It is largely up to us.  It is our striving and our will that makes life worth living, right?

Our most spiritual will to power wills the eternal return of all things and events; even despair, anxiety, and failure.  Even our own mortal death.  This naturalizes man or re-translates him back into nature where he belongs.  It conquers the rule of nonsense, chance, and chaos that propels man to believe in domestic gods, civic gods, cosmopolitan gods, and God (all delusions of historical mankind).  It does this by a human act of will to power that says to the whole past, present, and future: "But thus I willed it!"  The highest affirmation of living which shouts insatiably at life "Once More!" to the whole spectacle that is life's tawdry tale.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Humans Feel, but They Don't Think

Humans feel, but don't think.  Most cannot think, don't know very much of anything, and are enslaved by their illogical feelings fostered by culture.  Their brains are held hostage in a prison created by the elitist culture, societal norms, and social media.  Not many are educated as much as they have been indoctrinated to think certain things and a certain way.  A good portion of what people think and believe is driven by society, media, and especially by social media.

Humans have not yet been educated.  Many need to learn how to stop 'unthinking' and how to reason.  Reasoning requires you to understand truth claims, even when the truth claims are false or make you feel uneasy or are dangerous or are deadly.  Reasoning requires judgment and requires your interpretations.  It requires you to make distinctions and to be discriminatory.  Reason requires you to be critical, skeptical, evaluative, analytical, and experimental and begs you to jettison all your "isms" and your "diversity" and your "equality".  These only serve to mask human stupidity behind catch-all and simplistic word buckets like "sexism", "materialism", or "______ism".  There is no diversity in truth and equality is an untenable falsehood.

Reason requires you to understand true claims and false claims and be able to distinguish between them.  It requires coherence and logic and evidence-based premises.  Reason is not your "subjective feelings".  Just because you feel something doesn't make it true (and it doesn't make it false).  Your feelings are your subjective emotions and are subject to constant change by external sources and other more powerful subjective emotions, but they have nothing to do with the truth or falsity of a claim.

To be certain, humans must now have a profound aversion to their professed faith and worldviews and embrace a contrary way of thinking.  Humans professed faith and worldviews are shipwrecked.  They are only a belief, an imagining, and precisely a calamitous stupidity that may one day be our demise.   You see, you don't know a damn thing about anything, yet you profess to be a "knower".  You claim your faith and beliefs and feelings to be knowledge!  And now you've created this universal and homogeneous state where there is no shepherd and one herd, all for one and one for all, where everyone wants the same and everyone is the same.  You want the common good for all mankind.

This is the coming of the universal and homogeneous state, the rule of the humans that feel and don't think, the autonomous herd of idiocy.

The fearless oppose the powerful urges to security that arises naturally from the people.  The fearless oppose the religion and philosophy and state and "isms" that have served that natural urge.  The fearless think, but they don't feel and their reason reigns supreme.  It is not the common good of all mankind, but instead, the delight in the sovereign individual with the magnificent will to power!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Keep Your Pants On

Here is some advice and lessons I learned in Kindergarten:
  1. Keep your pants on.
  2. Keep your hands to yourself.
Then, as I went through life, I learned:
  1. Don't grab girl's breasts (unless they affirmatively consent).
  2. Don't grab girl's butts (unless they affirmatively consent).
  3. Don't grab girls's vaginas (unless they affirmatively consent).
  4. Keep your pants on.
  5. Keep your hands to yourself.
  6. Don't stare at girl's breasts, butts, or vaginas.
  7. Don't walk around naked in front of girls, especially if they work for you.
  8. Don't force a girl to kiss you and then try to stick your tongue in her mouth.
  9. Don't rape or sexually assault anyone.
Clearly, these are lessons and advice completely forgotten by Al Franken, Roy Moore, Charlie Rose, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Harvey Weinstein, Bill O'Reilly, Kevin Spacey, Oliver Stone, Sylvester Stallone, and John Conyers.  I'm certain there will be many, many more (perhaps even Donald Trump himself!  Would you be surprised?).

Clearly, there is an epidemic of men sexually assaulting women; men who grope, grab and pinch female body parts.  Men who forcefully kiss people or grab their vaginas without consent.  Men, as in Bill Clinton's case, who actually raped and sexually assaulted women and were enabled, defended, and protected by their disgraceful spouses (i.e. Hillary Clinton), the Democrat Party, and the mainstream media.

These guys carry the mantra of "men are pigs" around like red badges of courage.  These men are sexual predators, sexual deviants, and have twisted perversions where they deeply enjoy sexual assault and rape of women.  They grope, grab, pinch, and stare and are sexual low-lives and perverted scum.

Can you even imagine a fat slob like Harvey Weinstein taking his pants off in front of you or asking you to watch him take a shower?  Yuck!

Could you even defend Al Franken's touching the breasts of a woman who was sleeping at the time or forcing his tongue into her mouth?  Yuck!

Could you defend Roy Moore dating, fondling, and having sex with pre-pubescent 14-16-year-old girls when he was in his 30's?  Yuck!

Can you imagine a wrinkled elderly man like Charlie Rose walking around naked in front of his staff and employees looking to put his penis into someone?  Yuck!

There is a bi-partisan pandemic of perverted old men sexually assaulting women.  Pious religious Christian men like Roy Moore (R) and sanctimonious snobby Marxists like Charlie Rose (D) all enjoy forcing themselves on women sexually.  Bi-partisan sexual predators.

Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton were Grade A misogynists and sexual predators.  Bill Clinton was a serial rapist and his wife, Hillary Clinton, attacked and smeared his accusers and victims with the help of the Democrat Party and the mainstream media!  Have you forgotten?

What will be done about it?  Nothing.  With all the non-stop recent clamor of sexual perverts, this to will be forgotten and swept under the rug.  I guarantee it.  Give it a few weeks and all this will be gone like so many things before it.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fuck Both Parties!

Fuck the Democrat Party.

Fuck the Republican Party.

I've now summed up my final thoughts and feelings as a political nihilist who has seen the abyss known as American democracy.  

There is nothing else to say and nothing else to write.


Monday, October 30, 2017

The Soft Coup d'état Has Begun

The conflicted and deep state patriarch known as former FBI director Robert Mueller has now successfully taken all attention away from his good friends and political cronies: Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and Bill Clinton (and their vast criminal enterprises).  All attention is now back onto Donald J. Trump and the Russia collusion story.  That didn't take too long, now did it...  

The Democrat Party's media manipulation and propaganda continue to astound me.  They are so far advanced in manipulation and propaganda when compared to the feckless and useless Republican Party.  Yet, it is not a fair comparison, since the media are nearly 100% in the tank for the Democrat Party, so it is not a fair fight by any stretch.

Of course, anyone who knows anything knows Robert Mueller to be fraught with his own conflicts of interest and criminal involvement when it comes to Russia collusion.  But that matters not.  He should recuse himself, but he won't.  He should step aside, but he won't.  He should launch an investigation into Podesta and Clinton and Obama and Rice and Powers (and so many others), but he won't.  What about the unmasking of American names?  How was that FISA warrant obtained?  What about the illegal leaks?  What about Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama and Uranium One?  What about the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton colluding with the Russian Government to obtain phony "opposition research" on Donald Trump and then turning it over to the United States intelligence community so a secret FISA warrant could be obtained to conduct surveillance on Trump World during the campaign?  What about Obama's 'politically weaponizing' the FBI, CIA, and NSA against Trump during the campaign after getting the FISA warrant and then unmasking names and leaking them to the media?  What about Hillary's email server?  What about Hillary's violation of the espionage act?  What about the James Comey/Hillary Clinton absolution timeline (before the investigation was concluded)?  What about Comey's FBI agents not placing Clinton under oath and not recording her FBI interview?  What about the Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton?  So much criminality there, yet America and the media turns a blind eye to it all.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is only a matter of time when Robert Mueller ensnares and tangles Donald J. Trump in his investigative traps and Trump will either be forced to resign or he'll be impeached by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.  If you think the Republicans are there to save him, you are delusional or not paying attention.  Trump will be impeached or he will resign.

The deep state is getting away with it all.  The swamp reigns supreme and is getting away with it all.  Where is Congress?  Where is Jeff Sessions?  Where is the Justice Department?  Where are the Republican congressional and senatorial leaders?  Where are the investigations by Congress into the Obama Administration?  Nowhere to be found.  

The deep state and swamp have assumed control because the Republicans are allowing it to happen; the Republicans are part of the deep state and the swamp as much as the Democrats.  They are all aligned to get Donald J. Trump out of office as soon as possible.  They are all aligned to support the deep state and the swamp against 'we the people' and against those that voted for Trump.  The deep state is stealing the election from 'we the people' in a soft coup d'état and the American people are fucking oblivious to the whole chain of events unfolding in front of their face right now.  

Are we just going to allow this to happen?  Yes, we are.  We always do.  We are the America Idiots.


PS:  Now might be a good time to review my blog post from 9/3/2016:  141 Reasons To Not Vote for Hillary Clinton since it appears we've totally forgotten about her criminality and fraudulence a year later.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Political Nihilism

I think the United States of America is on the verge of exposing the vilest corruption, crimes, and scandals in American history.  This exposition will shake American democracy to its very core and will force many Americans to conclude the American Republic and the Constitutional system has been nullified forever.  Many will likely conclude democracy is dead in America and our system of government has been corrupted beyond saving for our children and grandchildren.  Political nihilism will take hold of America as Americans lose hope and confidence in their governmental institutions.  I have already reached this point several years ago; I am a political nihilist.  

Political nihilism is the belief that government has no intrinsic meaning or value and that societies formulation of order via government is insignificant and meaningless at best and totalitarian and oppressive at worst.

At the root of the corruption are Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton as well as various members of their criminal enterprises.  Obama and Clinton are scumbags, plain and simple.  They are ruthless Marxist ideologues that hate America and everything America stands for.  All they desire is political power and money and they will do anything to anyone to expand their power and money.  Ruining America is just a means to an end that is justified by their want of more political power and more money.  Obama and Clinton are lying charlatans who live off of fraud, deceit, and lies for the sole purpose of expanding political power and enhancing money in their pockets.  All their actions are not done in the interests of America, but in the interest of themselves and their own personal wealth.  Those of you that voted for these scumbags are also scumbags by association.

One can now only hope the vile corruption, crimes, and scandals of Obama and Clinton come out into the open for all to see so that the revolution can get underway.  The revolution to rid American politics of Marxist ideologues and Socialist altruists like Obama and Clinton and their cronies.  The revolution to rid American politics of lies, manipulation, deceit, fraud, and deception.  But first we must rid America of Obama and Clinton and disgrace them into submission and show the world the scumbags they truly are.  Our political hammer must strike the head off these ruthless snakes.

What are you waiting for, opposition party (the feckless Republicans and RINOs)?  What are you waiting for, Justice Department?  What are you waiting for, media outlets?  What are you waiting for, Federal Bureau of Investigation?  What are you waiting for, Congress?  

Of course, being a political nihilist, it is my sincere contention all of this will be swept under the rug with all the other crimes, corruption, and Obama/Clinton scandals.  


Friday, October 20, 2017

The Truth is Deadly

Many do not realize that the truth is not attractive, lovable, or life-giving.  

The truth is deadly.

The truth is deadly because of the fluidity of all concepts, types, and species, and of the lack of any cardinal difference between man and beast.  There is really no discernible difference between man and brute.

Nature, or everything that exists, is wholly chaotic and meaningless.

All meaning, all order, originates in man, in man's creative acts and in man's will to power.

Everything thought by anyone, genius or otherwise, is in the last analysis interpretation of nature.

Man is necessarily the measure of all things.  Man's measure is entirely anthropocentric.  It is all man's interpretation of nature from man's standpoint.

Human life is utterly meaningless and lacking support.  Life lasts only a minute which is preceded and followed by an infinite time which the human race was not and will not be.

Morality is delusion as much as truth is deadly.  Every morality created by man is based on some tyranny against nature.  Every morality is also tyranny against reason.  Morality is due to the creative acts of man's will to power to control nature and to control man.

The deadly truth is that all values are human creations founded upon anthropocentric interpretations.  Nothing more and nothing less.

In this regard, morality is fluid and relative and pretend truth with no foundation other than the flimsy foundation given to it by man.  

That is a deadly truth.  All else is folly.


This was inspired after reading Leo Strauss' Studies in Platonic Political Philosophy (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 174-91.  Copyright © 1983 by The University of Chicago).  Note on the Plan of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil originally published by Leo Strauss in Interpretation 3 (1973):  pp. 97-113.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

My Praise for Trump

I must praise Donald J. Trump for his 10/13/2017 speech regarding the decertification of the Iran nuclear deal. 

It was Barack Hussein Obama that sold out America to the terrorist and fascistic nation of Iran. It was "Republican" Bob Corker and "Republican" Lindsey Graham who helped Obama sell out America to the terrorist nation of Iran by circumventing the United State Constitution: article two, section two, clause two (the treaty-making clause).  If you need a reminder of what Corker and Graham did to our Constitution, please re-read my blog post Castrated & Nullified Constitution from 4/15/2015.

It is the dangerous Democrat Party and their pathetic media surrogates that stand on the side of the terrorist country of Iran. It is the Democrat Party that stands with a terror state that threatens to destroy our country, Israel, and the surrounding Arab and Gulf states instead of with the best interests of America. 

Democrats are so filled with hate and a desire for power that even when Trump does the correct thing, they can’t accept it. It is astonishing how Obama sold out the United States and how the Democrat Party is in support of this awful deal. This deal was secured with the evisceration of the treaty clause of the constitution. The same people who were behind securing this agreement are now claiming that the President does not reject what they created.  

The Democrat Party is the party of treason and the party of America haters.

So far, the below speech is Trump's best.  So far, this is the best decision made by Donald J. Trump.  I urge you to watch and listen carefully to the below speech as this is the exact opposite of what Hillary Clinton would have done if she were now president.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Religious Delusions of the Human Kind

I cannot fathom how people believe in god or any supernatural deity.  Much of people's beliefs are based on hand-me-downs in our culture.  Mother and father "teach" their children to believe in god and to have "faith" in god.  Their parents did the same and so on and so forth.  It becomes a tradition and part of a culture to "teach" the belief in god from one generation to the next and the whole gruesome spectacle takes on a life of its own.  Most people don't know what they believe in and only subscribe to some nebulous, confusing, contradictory, and partially assembled faith in some heavenly deity that was "taught" to them by their parents and in Sunday School.  This whole pious fraud has been going on for over 2000 years now.

Somehow parents are able to "teach" their kids that a Jewish man named Jesus Christ was, in fact, the son of God and that Jesus (a Jewish carpenter) was born from the womb of a virgin and chaste mommy named Mary (also a Jew) who never had any sexual intercourse or relations with any human man (even her husband, Joseph, also a Jew) and who was impregnated and/or raped and/or sexually assaulted by God so that God could bring his only son into the world only to be blood sacrificed and crucified mercilessly on a cross for the sins and crimes of every other human being dead, alive, or yet to be born.  Got it?

You see, this God, this omnipotent God, could find no other way to get his only son into the world except by way of impregnating an unsuspecting chaste virgin without sexual intercourse, even without foreplay or heavy petting.  This God also knew all of this would happen, because he (not she) is omniscient too.  Then, after successfully getting his son into the world through Mary's virgin birth canal, many steps would be taken (and known beforehand by God himself) to make sure his Jewish son was mercilessly tortured, whipped, humiliated, nailed to a cross, and stabbed in the side wearing a crown of thorns where he would die a slow and painful death nailed to the cross in the hot Middle Eastern sun.  And if that is not enough to "believe" in, Jesus, the Jewish carpenter by trade, would be laid to rest in a tomb guarded by a heavy circular stone only to be resurrected into heaven, a place that is apparently nowhere and everywhere all at the same time, and occupied by God.  Yes, his physical dead body resurrected by his father, God, to be placed on his right side for all eternity in heaven (God actually rolled the circular stone away so Jesus' body could be extracted from the tomb).   

This chain of events over 2000 years ago forever absolves the sins and crimes of all humankind past, present, and future.  The only hitch is that you "believe" and have "faith" in all these things; moreover, you have to engage at least weekly in an organized cannibalistic ritual where you actually eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus Christ, the son of God.  Yes, in order to "remember" him, you must pretend to eat his body and drink his blood.  And by miracle and/or mystery, men (not women) called Priests (who also engage in sexual intercourse and homosexual relations with virgins from time-to-time) miraculously turn bread into Jesus' body and wine into Jesus' blood.  Again, you must do all of this and have "faith" in all of it without question, otherwise, your sins and crimes will not be forgiven and you will be sent to burn and be tortured in hell for all eternity upon your ultimate demise.  This guy named Satan, who was created by God, occupies hell for the sole purpose of delivering the punishment to those that do not "believe" and have "faith".  Got it?

It is time we call an end to this pious fraud of ridiculous superstition.  It is time we call an end to the resulting irrational glorification of compassion that bears a destructive dream of manipulating malleable humans into a future utopia of human perfection.  It is time we do away with all these religious delusions and modern fables of antiquity.  It is time to revive cruelty, suffering, and inequality as the natural prerequisites for human greatness where noble nature replaces divine nature.

"for here, as everywhere, "nature" manifests herself as she is, in all her prodigal and indifferent magnificence which is outrageous but noble."  - Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 188, Friedrich Nietzsche.

Humans have a conquering nature and there are no assignable limits to that conquest.  Deep down, looked at from the inside, everything is will to power and nothing besides.  That is nature and that is all that matters in this world.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Greater Understanding of The Human

I just finished reading several books that provide a much greater understanding and analysis of Friedrich Nietzsche's writing and philosophy:
  1. Nietzsche's Task: An Interpretation of Beyond Good And Evil by Laurence Lampert.  Copyright © 2001 by Yale University.
  2. Nietzsche's Teaching: An Interpretation of Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Laurence Lampert.  Copyright © 1986 by Yale University.
In both books, Laurence Lampert provides a section-by-section interpretation and analysis of two of the most profound and misunderstood philosophical masterpieces written since the time of Plato.  I used these books to re-read both Beyond Good and Evil and Thus Spoke Zarathustra section-by-section using Lampert's books to elevate my own understanding of Nietzsche (in both cases, I used Walter Kaufmann's first-rate translations from German to English).

The two 'books ends' of philosophy are Plato and Nietzsche, the first and the last.  Plato was the beginning and Nietzsche is the end.  Actually, Nietzsche is the end and also a new beginning (a prelude so to speak) to a philosophy of the future.  

Plato gave birth to Platonic Christianity ('Platonism for the people') and the 'pure mind' and 'the good in itself' and the 'immortal soul' proposition.  Plato imagined that the human mind can be so purified of its prejudices and limitations that a permanent unitary ground of everything could become discernible by it.  Platonism paved the way for the rule of religion over philosophy and politics, negating the Greek enlightenment and science.  Humans have endured millennia of Platonic dogmatism (in the form of Christianity) and spiritual warfare against it that have left us in ruins.  Plato's philosophy is the worst of all errors, a Platonic religion grounded in fear and revenge which invented supernatural powers performed by a sovereign redeeming, albeit jealous, deity.  As Nietzsche wrote in the remarkable preface to Beyond Good and Evil: "...and most dangerous of all errors so far was a dogmatist's error -- namely, Plato's invention of the pure spirit and the good as such."  Plato marks the beginning of Christianity, Christian morals, the soul proposition, heaven, and hell.  Plato is the Greek philosopher most responsible for the success of base religion with its just gods and immortal souls; the religion of revenge, fear, and punishment.

For Nietzsche, Plato's dogmatic inventions are shipwrecked.  The Christian God is dead, the Christian soul assassinated, and post-Christian civilization is poised on the edge of an abyss of nihilism with a morality which is beyond good and beyond evil.  There is no divinity, there is only will to power and nothing besides.  Humans are in this contest of striving with the individual will to power as their most powerful weapons.  Christianity sided with preservation of the weak through politics and the democratic enlightenment and it fought tooth and nail to make its view the only view permitted to exist (e.g. church and state).  Will to power aims in the first instance not to preserve what ought to perish but at enhancing what can and should surpass.  God on the cross is refuted.  Sacrificing God on the cross to take the place of human suffering is refuted.  Human suffering is needed and desired as the indispensable precondition of the greatest human achievements (i.e. the coming overman, as man is something that must be overcome).  Divine nature is gone and what is left is the noble human, all-too-human of humanity with no above and no below and no moral compass.  Man is truly free.  Man is human, all-too-human, and free to set his own course onto uncharted seas with no above and no beyond; incredibly without a god or divine purpose.  Alone.  Nietzsche's eternal return of everything does not comfort itself or others with the fable of the next world (the afterworld) ostensibly more perfect than our own (heaven); it says of the only world there is, or rather is "shouts insatiably" to the only world as it is: Be what you are, be eternally what you are.  Nietzsche affirms life in the highest order by shouting "Was that life?  Well then, Once More!"  For I love you, O eternity!

There are a plethora of remarkable insights into nature and humanity when reading Nietzsche.  A wealth of ideas and an abundance of profound suggestions jump out at you forcing you to think again and again and again.  Lampert's books add immensely to the scholarship of Nietzsche and it has been a great joy for me to read these remarkable books again with the aid of a Nietzsche scholar like Lampert at my side.  

There is a secret Nietzsche inside all of us and it is called our own will to power.  It wants to surpass.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Politicization of EVERYTHING

Not even our NFL football is safe from the race-baiting Democrats!  Nothing is safe from the race-baiting Democrats!  The left politicize EVERYTHING!

Somehow if you dishonor the American flag you are a hero, and if you disagree with it, you are a racist.  The media narrative is any person in the NFL who willfully dishonors the American flag and the National Anthem by kneeling, sitting, or locking arms during the Anthem are national heroes and anyone that disagrees with them are obviously racist or white supremacists or some other "ist".  Isn't that the message they are spewing? 

Remember when the NFL honored military veterans and first responders?  It wasn't long ago.  Not anymore, now the NFL stands with domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa and all the leftist kooks of the communist and fascist underground.  Didn't you get the memo?

Certainly, anyone has the right to kneel during the National anthem.  That is protected speech under the first amendment.  Certainly, I have the right to call them a disgrace to America.  Certainly, I have the right to not watch their games.  Certainly, I have the right to tune them out and ignore them and protest their disgraceful actions.  My rights are also protected speech under the first amendment and I'm not a racist because I have a different opinion.

To Hell with Tom Brady and Robert Kraft too.  They are no longer "Patriots" in any sense of the word.  They are the epitome of privileged limousine liberals who make hundreds of millions of dollars (with taxpayer subsidies, of course), live in gated communities, and vomit out their race-baiting nonsense and leftist claptraps on their extremely high horses.  Most of the players in the NFL that kneel are big dummies with extremely low IQs.  I don't really care what they think and they can all go to Hell.  Seriously, why would anyone care what these idiots think?

In the end, the left has politicized EVERYTHING.  Identity politics has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.  Identity politics has taken over our schools, our military, our corporations, our workplaces, our sports, and our government.  If you are not on their side (whatever that side may be), you are a racist or a white supremacist or a misogynist or a _________ist (fill in your favorite "ist"word here).  Class warfare, race baiting, media propaganda, lies, hype, and hysteria are all hallmarks of Marx's communist revolution; the revolution that is brought upon America by the current Democrat Party and all their communistic and fascistic offshoots.  

And now it is upon the NFL.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mob Rule by Popular Vote

Over two years ago, I decided to unenroll from voting and American democracy.  I was called "unpatriotic" and "unamerican" and was told by several boisterous miscreants that I could no longer have any opinions about America or Massachusetts or Somerset.  People said to me "well, you don't vote so you can't have an opinion and we don't care about your opinion anyway since you don't vote".  

As if my opinion mattered when I voted and as if my opinion was inextricably linked to American democracy and their opinions.  When has my opinion changed the outcome of an election or a vote?  Who cares if I vote or not?  Who cares if I participate in democracy or what you think are societal norms?  I can still have opinions and not vote as much as I can have opinions and vote.  I don't see the connection.  Because I don't go along with your fucking democracy project, I can't have an opinion?  Because I don't subscribe to the ignorant herd mentality of America, I must shut my mouth?  Screw you!  

Despite the fact I did not vote in the last election, I maintain the opinion that the ridiculous binary choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was not a lesser of two evils "choice", it was picking one of two poisons that would kill no matter what. Congratulations, America, on your "choice" for president.  You simply picked one poison over another, but the end result is the same either way....poison.

Over time, I've come to think democracy is terrible for America.  Democracy relies on conformity within the masses, the most ignorant masses.  The dreaded "herd instinct" knows what is good for me and bad for me and votes accordingly as a herd.  The herd possesses morality (so they claim) and votes its will upon everyone so their tribe will survive over all other tribes.  Anyone wishing to survive in their American tribe must obey their mores, rules, and customs decreed by their popular vote.  My existence and freedoms are up for a vote so long as 51% agree.  Individuals like me are swept away by the "herd instinct" of populism, nationalism, and socialism so long as the majority agree with one-another that I do not matter.  

American democracy is mob rule by popular vote.  It is only a matter of time when my freedoms are voted away by the masses because they know what's best for me, right?  It's already well-underway...my vote will not change the outcome and we all know it.  Seriously, if you don't know this by now, you are just a useful member of the delusional herd mentioned above.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hurricane Propaganda

The radical left will always find a way to harness natural disasters and natural unfortunate events to push some charlatan cause for the sole purpose of redistribution of wealth.  The latest is Atlantic hurricanes and their "cause" and/or "intensity rise" due to the pseudo-sciences of climate change or global warming; allegedly due to increased man-made carbon emissions into earth's vast atmosphere.

These claims are total nonsense.  First, let's take a history tour of the documented hurricanes during the 1800's, prior to the industrial revolution and prior to the alleged increases in man-made carbon emissions:

1815 -- Destructive hurricane hits New England:  "The Great September Gale" hit New England in September of 1815. It first made landfall on Long Island, N.Y., and then again in Connecticut. The storm flooded Providence, R.I., and caused extensive damage throughout the region.

1837 -- "Racer's Storm" leaves 2,000-mile path of destruction:  Racer's Storm, named for a British sloop of war which encountered the storm in the northwest Caribbean, was one of the most destructive storms of the 19th century. It formed near Jamaica, crossed the Yucatan, struck the Gulf coast of Texas, and moved over Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina before arriving off the North Carolina coast on October 9.

1846 -- September hurricane creates inlets on the North Carolina Outer Banks:  Two major inlets on the Outer Banks of North Carolina were cut by a hurricane in September 1846. Later in the year, a severe hurricane struck the Florida Keys destroying or damaging all but eight of the 600 houses in Key West. Some experts say this hurricane was probably a Category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

1848 -- Hurricane pushes a 15-foot tide through Tampa, Fla.:  Fort Brooke, site of the present-day city of Tampa, was nearly destroyed by two hurricanes that hit the area within a month of each other.

1873 -- First hurricane warning issued in the U.S.:  The U.S. Army Signal Corps warned of a storm approaching the coast between Cape May, N.J., and New London, Conn. The storm never made landfall.

1878 -- Hurricane remains over Florida for three days:  A slow-moving hurricane made landfall in the Florida Keys and slowly made its way up the center of the state.

1881 -- Hurricane kills 700 in Georgia and South Carolina:  Savannah and Augusta, Ga., experienced severe damage when this hurricane came ashore in August 1881. Several barrier islands were completely submerged by the storm surge.

1886 -- June storm dumps 21.4 inches of rain on Alexandria, La.:  After flooding the Louisiana coast, the storm moved into Texas where it completely destroyed the city of Indianola.  Indianola was never rebuilt.

1893 -- Two storms kill thousands in South:  In August, between 1,000 and 2,000 are killed in a storm that submerged the South Carolina barrier islands. In October, another storm flooded a Louisiana bayou, killing 2,000 people.

Intense Atlantic hurricanes were common in the 1800's.  In fact, I'd surmise they were just as common and intense in the 1700's, 1600's, and 1500's as much as the 1900's and 2000's. Sometimes we experience many intense hurricanes in America, sometimes we don't. Sometimes it snows allot in New England, sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes we have cool summers and warm winters.  Sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn't rain.  Our weather is mostly controlled by the sun, that giant ball of hot burning gas 93 million miles from earth.  Our weather can only be described as chaotic in nature with an infinite amount of causes and patterns.

Hurricane formation, frequency, or intensity has nothing to do with carbon emissions, man-made or otherwise.  There is no causal relationship and no evidence to support such a bogus claim.  Those idiots that spout those claims (e.g. celebrities) are dumb charlatans and pseudo-scientists and are more concerned with redistribution of wealth schemes than real science.

There is no actual truthful evidence to support any of the tenants of global warming or climate change "science".  Most, if not all, of the data behind this pseudo-science has been fraudulently manipulated by government-paid scientists to manufacture evidence to support the false hypothesis.  The earth is not warming and the seas are not rising and there is no actual evidence to support either claim (other than the fabricated evidence of pseudo-scientists paid by the government).  

Linking Atlantic hurricanes to this pseudo-science is more about hype and hysteria and ultimately about the radical left's mission to redistribute wealth from the "haves" to the "have-nots".  At its core, it is Socialism and Marxism which is to say stupidity and ignorance.

I remain a denier and a skeptic.